Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My first blog post.

Hello world !! I am so excited to begin this blogging journey, in which I hope to inspire others.
My wonderful mother thought up the name for me, I think its quite brilliant. Why Hope's Treasures ? you may ask, firstly, my middle name is hope, I couldn't think of a name that spoke what I wanted to capture in this blog using my first name, so my mother so graciously agreed to help me. She came up with a list of wonderful names, as she read them to me I asked my self how I could choose just one from such a lovely assortment. And then when she said hope's Treasures I knew immediately that it was the one for me.
Secondly Treasures ,because I will try and write about all the things I treasure, from my family to everything that inspires me be it music, drawing, writing or anything else. Also I now have a place to write about Hope and what the Bible says about it, mostly hope is misunderstood as wishful thinking and it shouldn't be taken that lightly, its a strong spiritual force just like faith and I hope to shed some light on this subject through the Word, songs, poems, and what others have said on the subject.
Mainly I want to spread hope and inspiration even if in some small way, I can't wait to get started !!

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  1. Hi Rachel! I am Jordan! Your blog is lovely! I enjoyed reading a few of your posts! I was curious if you are/were homeschooled and if you are a stay at home daughter! Your blog is elegant and I look forward to reading more posts!


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