My Desk

Where do I write? 
I have a small nook in my room dedicated to writing and art and the like. I'm surrounded by my favorite things, books, pictures small trinkets a small white bird cage that I'm very proud to own, dried hydrangeas from last year strung where I can enjoy them, a picture collage of some of my favorite artists, all things I love and many more. I write on a lovely antique desk on loan from my mother, I imagine that some of my favorite writers wrote on a desk like the one I am fortunate enough to use, I imagine I am one of these famous writers of old writing the latest piece of work bound to be a success, to be loved, read and reread for generations to come.
I write on paper and with a pen, or pencil. I find that I love the whole feel of scripting words chosen specially on paper. I know it is an inefficient way to get a lot of writing done, this is my way to feel inspired and in touch with my thoughts, I find that the rhythmic flow of quick movements and long strides with a pen keep me in touch with my thoughts and keep me focused.

How I became a wordsmith. 
Come with me as we watch the curtain of time pull back a few years, we open upon a young girl at a small desk a single lamp overhead to light her feverishly working hands, a string of words are left there. filled with ambition and dreams, the words continue to flow only now and then does she stop to give a serious amount of consideration to a word or a sentence. Surrounded by lovely things, and silly bits of art and sketches of adolescent muse, serving as her inspiration.
This girl was me dear readers a few years back. 
As a child my mind has always been swirling with stories and silly things, but never before had I thought of writing, only once did I seriously consider writing one down, in my mind it was quite good, only one problem I rehearsed that story so many times in my head and tolled it to my self, so I would not forget it, that guess what happened, I forgot it. Yes the adverse happened, unfortunately to this day I cannot remember that story try as I might. I learned from my mistake though which is a very good thing, I suppose I felt too inferior or unlearned in such things that discounted my self. When creativity did again call, I'm very happy it did, I jumped at the idea. This time I was so excited. Do you dream vividly ? well I usually do and one morning I awoke with a lovely dream in my head, it was only a small snippet a very sad and touching scene, nothing to abnormal, only when I awoke I knew I was supposed to write it down, I just knew. I started that very minute, as I said I only saw one small scene short and lovely, but I knew the whole story, like it had been born within me with out my knowledge. I wasn't thinking about the late 8th century england before I slept that night, nor was I planning to write a story, but also borne within me that morning was a passion for writing that I do not understand how it got there. 
But the more I think about it I understand it, my whole life I have loved drawing out pictures existing only on my mind, the whole process of taking a thought and with many strokes and lots of erasing bringing that thought to life, the process of writing a story isn't that much different than drawing sketching and all those kinds of art, which has been my muse ever sense I can remember. 
That is the story of the beginning of my writhing endeavors, I have yet to finish that story, it has a very special place in my mind and I don't think I will ever be happy with it, or maybe once it is finished I will.
This is sort of why I write, It has changed as of recently and with much thought, I decided that writing was my way of giving a small message to the world, to share my voice, which is the point of having a voice, sharing it and being heard.
 I have found a passion for words, I cant tell you the excitement I feel when I find a new word that fills an emotion or something I'm trying to convey. Words fascinate me I keep a dictionary near my desk for those dry spells where I can not find a word, I also love to look at there meanings and origins. 
I have this amazing journey that I am on, one that sometimes drives me crazy sometimes excites me beyond belief sometimes takes up all my thoughts and keeps my mind awake all night, but one I love. 
I do not for one second call my self a professional, I probably wont ever, even when I hopefully get published. I have to say that I believe the passion for writing came from God and He alone, and I am so thankful for this wonderful treasure of creativity He has given me, I hope to someday give Him glory through my writings. 

Rachel Hope