Monday, 25 January 2016

This gift of life

It's like a first breath after being dead for so long. Washing over the soul in reviving waves. The WORD Gods words oh how sustaining they can be. I don't think we realize how starved our spirits become in this taxing and trying world, we rush and worry and do everything but the important things. I often wish we could glimps the state of our spirits that lay hidden within, I fear we'd find emaciated little creature, in place of where life and fullness should be. 
Tiredness is a killer to the souls of humanity, the spirits suffer far worse though for this is something forgotten, laying inside believers like a untapped oil well. 
Riches and beauty and goodness all have been placed inside us without measure, every gift given through the Holy Spirit we let waist away. 
Putting my eyes before life for the first time in a long time, has been that reminder, oh joy that leaps from deep inside my heart as the words though familiar cause my strength to return. I hate to write it here but we've all let our daily walk fall away, lately moving stress, so many excuses can be made, yet I'm destroying my own success when I skip the one thing that will make my life limitless. This walk daily in the nourishing soil of the Word is all I need, yet becomes expendable. Why is the solution when time in thinly stretched from task to task to let go that most important ritual that's better for you than eating. 
The spirit of a man will sustain him... Prov 18:14 
Remember this and your chance of success becomes not just a chance but a hard and fast fact, as solid as the foundations of the mountains but stronger because of where the life comes. He created the mountains and this ground is unshakable our bedrock won't ever fail. This is a note to my self and to all who care to be rid of that sinking and defeating feeling that seems to wrap its arms around us in a dreamy languid sort of poison as if we had taken a sip of hemlock to quench our droughty thirst. And have been in an state of unconscious death ever since. 
For our spirits can't die, do we truly want to subject our own wellspring of life to a weighty and endless torture. Its hell for our spirits on this earth. For absence from the father and life, his glory and his love is hell, something a very special person died to keep us from.
Don't let the pressure of life keep you from his gift of life, fix your eyes upon the word even if just tiny bits. 
His words never go without effect.
 This is my challenge and my resolution, to never let my spirit go a day without feeding on life. 

Title and lyrics by hillsong united 

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Snow days and new places

It started falling softly and sweetly, dusting the earth with white, and in increasing fury the white fluf became a mass of wind and and a flood of flakes fell one upon the other is successive order far too quickly to count. 

           A new back yard 
It's a new landscape that meets my eyes, a new ground of possibilities, I stop and gaze in wonder at the beauty still so new. The first snowfall of any significance in a new home, surrounded by new walls and new roads. How odd when only 2short months ago I was surrounded by the familiar haunts, the yard of so many years where I had exhausted every subject to take pictures of. Strange when you can clearly see a place more accurately than where you find yourself now. I can imagine the yard, slopping to the right covered in snow, the paths blanketed equally the one large tree in the backyard covered with a dusting of powder from the direction of the wind, the spot where half the tree fell away from the massive trunk leaving an empty space wherein the sky stretches grey and dark. Not very pretty not very special except for feet that have tread the paths afforded by this place, the paths into the woods and following the railroad tracks only taken in my memory these days. Nostalgia has a way of hitting you when you leave a place you've occupied for so long. 
These days I've found myself saying how odd or very strange to myself when I seem to feel an emotion I'm not accustomed to, an emotion that is directly corolated with a place I so longed to leave. The human heart has stores yet undiscovered. 
It's nice to be cozy in a house, especially on days like today, when the wind whips wild and moans its low breath at anything that moves. What wild beauties yet not found by my eyes I can't wait to search out, the possibilities of a new place are endless, and exciting. Today I may be cooped up beside a heater forced to rove the wild tangles of my imagination, but soon, there won't be a place in this yard I'm not well aquatinted  with. Goodbyes are long but introductions are tedious, one place gone forever a face looking toward to newness undiscovered, for now ill manage to content myself with imagining what those discoveries might be.
What might you be doing on a day of the snows dear reader ? 

Thursday, 1 January 2015

A second chance is heavens heart

The road we set out on can be fresh and new,
the new paths we decide to take in this new set of days.
The days don't have to be dark or painful.

We'll all have resolutions, ways to start over plans made in hopes of keeping.
Were wonderfully good at keeping that one little ember of hope alive in our hearts, no matter how many times we've failed theirs still that something in us that keeps us on. We posses a funny measure of fortitude and we never show that as much as at the beginning of the year. But do any of us truly have a plan that will make the days ahead move smoothly, no matter what comes ? That would be impossible, still further do we have a deep promise that what we've planned will come about ? I doubt in that natural. I write a lot on this blog about God, about a loving father who has made ways for us where we see mountains and brier hedges, impassible places made for us to concur.
He through His son and through His word has given us a promise for a good life.

"I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly" john 10:10 

I especially love the picture of the fathers love and care in Deuteronomy 32: 10-14
I have taken the liberty to change the them's to you's 

  Out in an empty, windswept wasteland you were found.
  The father threw His arms around you lavishing attention on you 
 guarding you as the apple of His eye.
    He is like an eagle hovering over its nest, overshadowing its young,
  Then spreads its wings, lifting them into the air teaching you to fly.
    God alone leads you, there is no one else in sight, He lifts you high...

The remaining verse tells of how he provides the best for you, the choicest of blessings he gives to      you his own special possession. I encourage you at the start of this year remind yourself this is where your help comes from, if your life has been surrendered to Christ, therein lies your hope for fulfilment of every dream for this year, born and yet unborn.
He's a good father and all it takes is trust in Him in everything to live a peaceable life.
I'll be keeping this in mind for this year, I hope you do too.

I pray that God will lead you to peaceable habitations and quiet resting places, this year and that if trouble does arise he will be your tower of safety. I pray that He will train your hands to war against every thing that tries to get in the way of His good plan for your life, so that you will be a fierce follower of Him living free in Him.
Theres good things ahead dearest reader, so keep your chin up, and have a blessed new year.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Feathered friends, an autumn scene.

 I wish I had a picture to show you,
 The oddest and most peculiar thing,
 have you ever witnessed a bird migration convergence ?
 Well, one just took place in my back yard.
 What kind of bird is it that has descended upon my grassy hills and lofty boughs, there name I know  not. How shall I convey the feeling I shall have to try and paint you a paragraph.

The chirping of hundreds of little voices is what made me notice, a sort of full and crowded call that was amplified on the frothy air that is still warm like summer but has a note of something nippy about it. The sound was of a sort lurid, and caught my attention almost immediately. 
In wonder did I stand staring upon the scene of at least a hundred ebony birds dotting the earth. 
Amongst patches of sheer luminescence filtering through the great pine boughs abutting the property,
splattering sun baked and dying grasses, there color changes from black of night to brilliance of hues purple and deep cyan, pigments that conjure images of exotic places and strange things, there tones of peacock perfection made me look and want to look again. 
they fluttered about from ground to tree, almost as if my some slight of hand did there plumes glitter from brilliance to black, there chatter incessant, there interaction jittery and simply fluttery. 
I longed to capture the scene, but alas all I have are words, and a strange memory. 
among the autumn hues they flew in one great body to where I shall never know.  But for one small moment they sat upon my earth pecking the greens resting there flighted wings. 

Ah,  I do so love autumn, if for the furry and feathered friends it bears on its colorful folds to my door. I wonder dear reader, have you met with any sort of fauna our co inhabiters of this earth, that has made you sigh in dreamy praise at all the Lord hads created. I'd love to look with wide eyes along with you, drop me a comment and let me know. Until then I'll most certainly be lost in art and words.
Rachel Hope

photo from pinterest