Thursday, 3 April 2014

this road is treacherous

Some days will teach you that life is a journey, some weeks or even months will remind you of this truth more and more. Rather than get the entire lump sum of our lives, there meanings and destiny, we must travel the road diligently , trustingly all the time. We question and ask why, but for the most part we are to be patient, as our life slowly creeps along onto what we are supposed to be. It baffles me how we forget the process of things, even though it's all around us in life, in nature. Our creator must have known how short sighted our minds could be, and set signs around us for tiny glimpses at the rewards of patience. We watch the metomorphisis of creatures, the sprouting of a seed and the long process of its life from seedling to plant to mature plant with fruit.
So what's my point in this seemingly ramble about a journey ? It's to remind myself really that we are a people who journey through seasons, seasons that when we trust through in a power higher than us we are made more strong than before. For me it's simple, right now things are just too busy to write, to draw and discover words and layers of plots. Sometimes I'm frustrated, sometimes I trust and am at peace, but perhaps your seasons isn't as simple as that. Perhaps your going through something really tough that trumps my own little complaint. Well I hope this encourages you.
How might one hold the mighty oak in ones hands ?  As a seed, it all begins as something that doesn't really even look like a tree; but soon it's a sprout. Still doesn't look like a tree, but with water and sunlight and time it will grow into something that outlasts generations of humans. But it didn't just jump from a sprout to fully mature tree, it had to grow. Sometimes painfully slow, but it couldn't stop.
I want to encourage you dear reader, as well as myself, if we are walking in the destiny that God has set for you and for me, than we must continue through to the end, even when things seem slow, even when we see something that doesn't look like our destiny, something that looks more like an acorn rather than a tree. If we keep getting watered from the springs of living water, if we abide in the Son, than we are living out the spiritual destiny set for every child of God. And our natural lives will soon become what our Father set about for each of us in the natural.
It's all a matter of trust, trust in His Love.
I know he has a plan for me, and it's bigger than a season of busy work and mostly stress. It's even bigger than taking time to sit and write in my little corner of a bedroom. But I must look to Him and trust that if this is his destiny for me, that I can't stop it, I can only yield to his plan. And enjoy it all the while.
Friend yield to Him, it makes things so much more peaceful, trust that He will cause you to triumph, in all things. In talents and gifts, in work, in health, in sickness, in sadness, in joy, in hopelessness, in faith, in waiting, in victory. He always causes us to triumph, so how can we not trust.
The WORD says He that began a good work in you is faithful to accomplish it, until the day of Christ.  Phillipians 1:6
If we judge Him as faithful, than we can trust Him fully. And even when we have to do things that aren't  usually  what we want we can be at peace, because He stands beside us helping us at all
times. It's cliche but true life is a journey! and we are made better as we go if we trust in Him.
A lit of times we cause trouble for ourselves and others simply because we don't believe how much Our Savior loves us. A father that gave us His only son, how with Him also not give us all good things. When I'm not focused on that love, when I'm not looking and trusting. I can tell you I'm a cranky and often times harsh person. We can all be admit it. I am short with those I love, many are even in the same boat with me, but I can't see past the things I want the goals I push to accomplish. Hey, he loves you. That little reminder changes the situation, then I'm looking for how I might bless someone, what kind word, what smile. When he wants to take me in anything. When He loves me, then I am free to love others.
He has a plan for you and me, trust him today, and be reminded that time is progressive, it's not all at once, you'll get there. It's good that it's not too, because things would get really overwhelming if first we aren't prepared and conditioned for this amazing destiny, you would feel unqualified if someone handed you a book about quantum physics and expected you to understand and even teach it, wouldn't you ? But if you had been prepared for that, if you had grown in that then you would be free to just go with it. These are the learning days, the preparations, they never stop, we just go higher and get stronger.
So let's get stronger every day.
Be at rest, after all were in His hands.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Witness springs return

Against winter blankets and piles and piles of mountainous snow: How strange it is to witness Springs return. December was so mild, but the new year rode in on frigid temperatures.
 In all that somewhere deep down we all longed for Spring, and today I saw a glimpse of her soft face.
With every drip drop of water the heavy glorious icicles melt, soon no more than a puddle.
 And I saw and heard the soft twittering of a bird out upon my window sill.
 Though its yet too soon to tell when, I know spring is around, and she and winter are in some delicate dance round and round.
 No green grass I can see as yet, no tiny buds of life on the trees, but I saw in a flash all this and more in a tiny bird song.
 Almost like a hopeful prayer for springs return.
 I know my heart agrees too.

I wrote this a few weeks back, when it was warmer, but never got a chance to post. Somehow it seemed a perfect day for a spring post. the sky is a fine blue and the sun shined brightly, what better heralds of spring ? I hope you my dearest readers are having an equally wonderful day.
 Are you keeping an eye out for spring ?

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

The heart of an Olympian

that special time that comes around every two years is come and gone. And we have been
glued to the telly for hours upon hours watching and rooting for people who we well never meet and people who will never know you existed or cheered for them when they gave there all for a prize. That two weeks I'm talking about of course in the Olympics,
I'm not quite sure if its so in to watch the above mentioned, anymore but its always been a family tradition, and something most enjoyable.
While I have a terrible case of russian fever, I am still able to wonder what it is about this event that keeps us engaged. So why do we love this two week span, when a group of countries get together and do sports battle in snow or in sun ?
Lessons, I believe we can all learn form everything, everything and anything. And we may not even notice we are watching lessons, but the message gets in.
Its inspiring to see determination, isn't it ? somewhere deep down we all feel that if one person could and usually from hard backgrounds make there dreams happen, why who would stop us ?
determination to keep going when the chips are down when the whole world is against you, we watch these moments as if our life depends on it, we laugh and cheer when that one person makes it happen that one who fought a little harder went a little farther, pushed beyond there limitations. It inspires us, the person on the couch, its more than just entertainment. We become connected to these people, in a primal instinctive way.
As humans we love the age old story of a hero, male or female doesn't matter. Who will rise from the burnt out ashes of the past,  or get up again after defeat and reach the center stage of there dreams.  Its the base for all stories really.  Its that spirit we love that heart to win, its why we will tell the stories of these moments twenty years from now to the generations who were not witness to such greatness.
What I love most apart form the excitement and rush of cheering on the home team, is the stories. the inspiring tales of hardships, and overcoming. Its in us all, that strong arm, that will to succeed.
and to watch the culmination of that decision to not give up and to not be a quitter, in every person who didn't get a free ride, and fought to live there dream is awesome.
Sure some have it easier than others, but it all makes up in the end, the story of the day is overcome.
words like against all odds. And we see that play out before is, and we are boosted a little higher, we are reminded that with hard work and a little will power anything is possible, for the athletes its a sport that makes is wonder how and why, what it it for you ?
What is it that says no,  that can be removed with a little pushing through.
We also can learn a lot about the heart condition, some give up, some fight till the end, some are sore losers. And we are either disgusted or disappointed, usually both. But we can apply this to ourselves
which one are we ? When we fight and things don't happen will we smile, be disappointed but still hold our head high ? A true man isn't revealed in ease, its through struggle and often times disappointment.
who are we when our character is tested. We have seen a lot of "failures" these two weeks, but the ones that though tears fell were hopeful, and not crushed to the point of giving up. inspired us more.
We have seen more dashed dreams than realized, only one can win. But those who thought it an accomplishment to just get there show true determination, for as the saying goes, your not a failure until you fail to try.
I could go on and on, the more I type the more I think of lessons, but I shall save those for the next two years.
So when is it your time to shine ? Every day is your battle, mine too, will you win will you lose. Sometimes both can teach us a lot, especially losses. learn to read them. see if you can take them gracefully, see if you have the heart of an olympian.

I press on toward the goal unto the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Phill 3: 14 
What do you love about the olympic season most ?

Monday, 27 January 2014

Begin again

Dearest reader,
I hope the first weeks of this shiny new year hasn't ill treated you.
I hope your resolutions have not been dashed upon the crags of doubt. and shattered into listless feelings of self doubt, and hopeless despondency.
My own first few weeks of this year have been crazy;
Its funny how little a word seems, and yet can be massive in its meanings with many deep levels and surface faces, to every eye and mind that sees and imagines.
In truth these first weeks has been fraught with trouble, persistent and buggarly. Layer upon layer of gross hardship, enough to cast a shadow of despondency over any living soul.
Enough to throw a hopeful fresh attitude into the far reaches of a cold desolate world, where hope and faith cannot tread. A place icy cold and crystal'd with dark shadows.
 Have you ever been depressed ? Then you might have an idea of what I'm trying to describe.  hopelessness is a huge part of that slippery slope into depression.
Perhaps your new year hasn't treated you all that well either. Perhaps your fighting hopelessness, right out of the gates.
If after the bells have signaled: the gun fired heralding the start of a new race, straight out of the gates you tripped and fell, or were facing so many bigger stronger adversaries that you just gave up. I want to encourage you anew. We don't need a new year, a january 1 to begin again, every day is a new day, cleche I know but its true none the less. The past is gone even if it was yesterday, or even recently, its gone forever. and the new beginning to focus on is now. We all stumble and we all need a hand.
Jesus said I make all things new, he has sealed forever new beginnings for us. In Him is newness of life.
Living in the past is another factor of that slope of defeat. if you live where you were, how can you see where you are going ? All around you will be ghostly shadows of sadness and grief. Because lets face it when your living in the past your constant companions are the bad choices or wrong doings either what you have done or has been done to you; not the happy smiles and blessings.
Somehow when we live in the dark past we begin to feel it in who we are, we almost become as shadowy and lustrous as those dead memories. And we draw into ourselves because we feel that the world has done us some injustice or soon will as "karma" for the wrongs we have committed to others.
Apart from the fact that I do not believe in karma, I want you to realize right now that no matter what it looks like. There are beautiful things around the corner because we are loved with an everlasting Love. And when we yield to that Love we find ourselves overwhelmed with gratefulness for blessings we couldn't have dreamt of. One of those blessings is the newness of life that we receive in christ, when we rely on his scarifies to make all things new in our mortal lives, then we are inviting the power of the ages to do a work in everything we are facing or struggling with. New beginnings are as easy as every day receiving His love for us, He has already forgiven our mistakes and short comings, we forgive ourselves and thank Him for his forgiveness and move on with the path we are on.
 How do we know he loved us ?
He said in his word in this we know what love is, in that He laid down his life for us.
He also said no greater love has a man then to lay down his life for his friends.
Friends God gave his only son the son that He loved for you and I, so we could be blessed and live lives of unimaginable grander for him and in him.
Make every day a new day and free yourselves from the shackles of self doubt and frustration, by seeing yourself new in him.

 Photo via pinterest