Tuesday, 21 June 2011

First day of summer.

My how this month has flown ! is it really the first day of summer ? How can this be, where did spring go. Does it seem like time goes by faster as one gets older ? This is a tragedy to me will I see no more the long listless days of childhood bliss filled with day dreams and a fancy to fulfill every childish whim. I can be so dramatic, excuse my momentary wail about time and its ever moving ever going never stopping. I wonder if it ever gets tired. Oh well, movin on. I have just returned from the beach with my two older  brothers, and my older sister, and my younger brother, and no thats not all of us. Sadly my older siblings could not join us as they are on a different job out of state. also sadly we were not there for a vacation, but a job, altho i must say one can get quite spoiled living by the beach, who doesn't like being lulled to sleep by the sound of crashing waves and soft bird calls. I must say even though you may be working its hard not to be inspired by ones surroundings. Here are some pictures from the two weeks spent on the beach

         aren't they cute ? my older sister Hannah and my younger brother Joseph.

 Our view of the beach from the front porch of the beach house where we have stayed every time we come to do this Job. Its getting to feel like home.
My brothers on the roof, left to right, Josiah and Joshua.I'm so proud of all the wonderful work they do.

                                                                   Me       Hannah           Joseph  

The House we painted, there is  nothing like good hard work to make one feel good about ones self and proud of all of ones siblings who can work like nobodies business and complete things never imagined. I will Hopefully post more on our trip and post more pictures soon.
   Until next time.

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