Friday, 2 September 2011

The black arrow.

Here today I will attempt my first book review.
I have just completed Robert louis Stevenson's the Black arrow, A tale of the two roses. which I found vary interesting. I love all things middle ages and I thought this story was wonderful, though I have read some reviews that said it was not a true literary treasure and had nothing special about it, and the style it which it was written as hard to understand and the plot hard to follow. I can not disagree more I thought this story was written well, perhaps not as in depth as some of the other literary novels written at that time, but a wonderful adventure tale none the less.
set amide the conflicting alliances during England's war of the roses, we follow young Dick Shelton on an adventure to avenge his fathers murder, his world is turned topside when he discovers the man he thought was his friend the man who raised him since infancy is his one true enemy and is plotting to betray him. Our hero fleeing for his life joins a secret fellowship of outlaws band together to avenge the deaths of upright citizens known as the black arrow. Amide all this he finds true love with his enemies stolen ward Joan Sedley and sets out so save her from his clutches. We follow our hero as he is drawn deeper into the conspiracy of the times and must distinguish friend from foe and ultimately decide on which side of this age old conflict will he pledge his honor. we follow him as he finds the inner hero within him self, and learns that mercy is much more honor worthy that a battle scarred knight. and the perils of war and the hasty decisions made in them ultimately hurt more that you might expect.  Despite all the ridicule even some from the author himself I thought The black arrow was an exciting adventure novel, I hope this might compel you to give it a chance.

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