Friday, 11 November 2011

The Simple Things

As I slipped under my soft bed covers last night, and closed my eyes an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness washed over me, I am warm, safe and cozy in my bed, I drew up the soft quilts around me a happy contented feeling started deep within my heart and spread all over me. I uttered a soft prayer to thank my father for all His BLESSINGS in my life,  my mind flew to all the people out in the world cold, alone, hopeless, my prayer changed and I uttered a prayer for all those who have so much less than I have.
I was half way on my journey to the land of dreams, but my mind was still lit aflame with the torch of thankfulness I looked at my life, and I realized I'm truly rich. My life it full of beauty I'm surrounded by the most wonderful family any one could ask for, a family who teaches me many wonderful things just be being them selfs, things like inner strength, love that sees beyond the eyes, and the beauty of self sacrifice. I'm loved deeply by the Creator of the universe, He has blessed me with an imagination and a dreaming heart that keep me very busy even when I'm not dong anything at all. Its the little things in this life that we sometimes over look, things like,
                                         a warm bed, soft sheets
 a favorite nightie

 a sunny smile, blustery wind,

         happy banter between siblings and memories that capture these and make them last forever.
   How wonderful this life truly is, sometimes its not big things that make a life rich, but the small things that give our life that golden glow, when we look back on our life they are the blessings that gave us the most happiness. I am thinking about all the small things that aren't really small at all, they may be small to the eye but are really bigger on the inside.
                            Thank you Father for all the "small'' blessings happy sigh. 
   Remember its the small blessings that bring the most pleasure, look around your life and you will see your life is beautiful too. 

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