Monday, 26 December 2011

Hope Mondays

This time of year makes me think of all the real reason we have to hope,
 I love this time of year, but it saddens me how many forget the real reason we celebrate. Jesus came to this world as the gift of all gifts, he came to give us the ultimate gift, His life, laid down for you and me so we could live in him for ever. He is the reason we have hope, his gift is the life we receive through him and the victory we have through His finished work at the cross. We now live in victory over every thing that tries to bring us down, we have hope because He is everything you need, let me say it this way everything you need He is. do you need healing He says  I AM, do you need victory He says I AM, do you need to be made whole he says I AM, do you need unconditional love He says I AM.
 Everything you ever have needed or will ever need He is, trust him. He is the end from the beginning, the beginning from the end, He is the first the last He is present there with you and He is far into the future, He can and will give you the help you need. Keep your hope in Him, because why would you hope in anything else when He is the most qualified to care for you.
I pray you are having a blessed day
Keep hoping.

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