Tuesday, 27 March 2012

little weeds

With all this warm weather suddenly upon us, I have found myself out in the little patches of "garden" or flower beds, weeding the soft dirt for new growth soon to come. I love weeding there's something about clearing the earth for those tiny shoots, like promises and on faith we believe they will grow.
As I was weeding today and clearing away the dry old growth from last season, I in between singing snippets of songs from the phantom of the opera, began to think of the weeds that can grow and take form in our own human lives. I was astounded to find these old dead weeds still far rooted into the earth, more-so than the new growth. How true this is with the weeds that spring up seemingly over night, and can take deep roots into our sub-conscience and hearts. What do weeds do ? They spread like wildfire and choke out the good growth. What are weeds in our lives ? well selfishness and bitterness are a weed hate and anger more-so, fear is a strong seed that grows deep and tall and often I have found these latter named weeds grow from this main plant. I like to describe these weeds as the opposite of  the fruit of the spirit
the main plant being  Love, that grows from knowing how much God loves you,
                  and from that grows Joy
                  and when you are Joyful you have peace
                  and when you have these you can be Patient
                  Kind and Good, Faithful and Gentile and Self Controlled.
I believe that the weeds come when we don't believe God loves us, and we begin to fear, fear that no matter what we do we we will never be good enough. Fear that God has turned His back on us. It is such a shame that we as human beings often times believe this, deception and find it easier to, than most anything else. But truthfully nothing could be farther from the truth, our Father Loves us with an undefinable Love, one that far reaches human understanding or belief.
What shall we do with the weeds in our life ? Simply throw them away. We must not waist our meager time on this earth with being choked and entangled with these weeds, because when we do pluck these from our lives we have the freedom to breath and see the Son as He is smiling on us through Grace.
When we are free from these weeds we can finally grow to our full potential and blossom into the beautiful  person God has intended us to be.


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