Saturday, 26 January 2013

Novel Talk

I feel like a terribly lax blogger lately. I have in so many ways thrown aside this little space I have so come to love and dig deep into other things, to name a few tumblr and a plethora of new old books.
But I'm determined after a bout of non inspiration (I know how is one to be uninspired when in complete literary abandon. I truly have no idea) To be faithful to post something of worth.
 This is a post written on an I pad. So that's new, and this thing is infuriating with its auto correct.
Sorry for the side note.
I have been at lately something I never thought I would find my self doing.
Namely writing a summery of my book, I shall title it Victorian dreams, but that's to change when the time comes, it sounds a bit cheesy and I'm not inclined to like that title.
I have written about this story before, but I have had a strange apprehension that made me not want to write about the details. Why I'm not sure. I follow so many writers who do so and I enjoy hearing about what they are writing. So I have been thinking why not.
The question is how to not write too many details but not bore you all to distraction in the process.
I have been on these lazy sort of winter days when there isn't much else to do, confined to my room weaving a web, plotting and trying my best to be worthy to my literary hero's. As I have said at the beginning of this rambling post found my self writing a summery. I have no idea about the proper way to do it, but by the method I have found myself summarising seems to be amiable for the present. What I really am doing is writing a detailed summery of the story as it came to me, and of the small details which seem trifles but have a great baring on the plot. Then I have made a character description in hopes of getting to know my characters, better. And it's helped tremendously.
I now know the main characters Jack and Sophia better than ever, and the side worthy characters that colour the plot with there varied abilities and pasts.
 This full fledged novel, as I hope it will be, started as a short story endeavour. But after trying to take that plunge I fell prey to the story and the complex twists that kept on whispering in my ear. So in the end the characters won, I gave up my endeavour to write a short story and have been waist deep in the thick of it since. My ears have not yet tired to the sound of the characters detailed telling of there story, and my fingers have not grown weary at the typing of the same. I have been in a pool of excitement as I think and sort out the wrinkles of the plot and as I write another page. And then another, of the story that I have come to love. Whether I ever get this story published or not has become a trivial thing that doesn't matter anymore I just love this story that I have had nothing to do with, and If I and my immediate family only ever read it. I shan't be unhappy. Due to the fact that I have been privileged with this story. Jack and Sophia came to me. And not I to them. And they are wonderful hosts. I feel quite privileged. I will say for starters that its set in victorian London. But I think you got that from the "title"
This is the novel I shall be detailing on this blog o mine. And hopefully it wont be boring.
Though I have no idea about how to go about it. Here's a thought, if anyone of you my dear readers are interested. Perhaps you will leave me a comment and say what it is you would like to know first ?
And if anyone of you are prolific writers with a plethora of novels and stories under your metaphorical belt perhaps you might have tips ? well this ends this long and varied post which I am absolutely sure bored you all.
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  1. I love to know the character profiles. One thing I learned while working on creative writing in highschool was that some of the most valuable information you could know about someone is by what they would carry in their purse/bag if they had one. Kind of a detective thing...think Sherlock! I'd love to see kind of a character layout as to what Jack and Sophia are all about.

    :) New reader (and follower) by the way! You won me over with your header which looks like the same pictures I would chose to be in a header...which may sound weird, but I love a good lovely header! :)

    Little Lady


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