Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Legend of Valentine

How about a valentines legend that is both romantic and tragic ?
I have been reading countless tales here and there about the real St Valentine.

The tale you are about to read is over a thousand five hundred years old.

There once was a man named Valentinus a priest, who lived near Rome.
In the times of great persecution to the early church he often helped the early christians in there plight.
And provided covert wedding rituals to soldiers in the roman legions to those they loved. Against the law of the holy roman emperor. Who believed that married men didn't make for good soldiers.
It is said that he cut out parchment hearts to represent the love of Christ, and gave them as tokens to remember Him in there trials. His many good deeds prove to be too much and the holy roman emperor after trying to convert him to paganism, has him imprisoned due to his stout and unwavering faith.
Enter the beautiful jailers daughter, Julia. The jailer I have heard him called Asterius, clutching his blind daughter in his arms takes her to the jail where Valentinus is imprisoned. He has heard of his abilities to heal the sick and his skills with medicine. Begging him to teach and heal his daughter, he brings her every day to glean from the learned mind of the priest. Valentinus spends time reading her the history of Rome,  and describing the world around her, one she cannot see. He teaches her all sorts of things, and most importantly about a loving father who gave the best scarifies to the world through His son. She learns to trust him, and see the world through his eyes, as he sees it, and finds comfort in his strong faith and silent strength to trust in God. Some legends say that Julia is healed by the prayers of Valentinus, others say that her healing was not immediate but that with the priest as her guide she never wavered in faith to believe. Legends say that a bloom of love sprang up between Valentinus and Julia the beautiful blind jailers daughter. whether this is true or just some medieval fancy to create romance out of every legend I couldn't say. Valintinus is taken to be executed but before his sentence is carried out he writes a note to the beautiful jailers daughter and signs it from your Valentine.
His sentence is carried out on the fourteenth of February.
Hence the day we celebrate Love.
Does it seem strange to anyone else that we celebrate the day that a person was martyred for his faith ?
I don't know if the legend is absolutely true, needless to say I won't be swearing in a court of law.
Still I thought it was an interesting story, one I could see being written into a full fledged dramatic and tragic novel. I have heard the one about the jailers daughter helping Valentinus to escape by bringing him the prison keys and by following the sound of his voice makes her way safely through the roman prison. If thats not a dramatic breadcrumb for a novel than I have no idea anymore.

In truth the most important thing to remember today and every day is the beautiful creator of love.
The one who is love through and through. The one who gave you his life so that you might live.
I have often thought about why in the world would it even matter if we all went to hell, it was something we deserved after turning our backs on our maker.
Why would God even worry about the strange creation he had spoke into existence.
Why would after years of struggling with there rebellious ways, become one of them to redeem them.
I asked god this question, I was confussed that after all, after the ultimate betrayal. Why would he still do all that. And to say all that I'm not just saying the immense pain that Christ suffered at our behafs, the worst pain to ever be suffered. But the years of patience, and waiting and guiding. Love isn't just big things you see, it's small and      
 huge and indescribable at the same time.

What I heard was simply, because I AM LOVE. There could be no other way for the creator to be with the creatures made in his image if he didn't. And that's the most beautiful picture I can imagine,
That the Father would want us so much to be his family, he wouldn't just turn his backs on us when we did the   same to him.
Look around you and see the beautiful valentine God writes to you every day. He says I Love you today and nothing you do will ever change that.
I hope whether you have someone special to spend the day with or not.
You will come to know what today is really about. It's more than just one man who was marterd.
Lets remember Who he would not let go of even in the face of certain death.
Even with our imperfect understanding we can see that he learned to love and give from love Himself. And What a glorious love that is.
Happy love day to all my dearest followers.

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  1. Oh wow! What a neat story--I had never heard the whole thing before. Thanks for hunting it up. And YES! It would make a terrific plot.... :)

    1. It would wouldn't it ? Its fun to know the origins of things.

  2. I like this version, true or not. I hope there is at least some truth to it. *Grin*

    Agreed. Writers and sleep, never mixes well. We can function fine without it....yo know, till we have to think.

    Nope, the hermit is supposed to be rather comical. I hope he lives up to it, they like doing what I tell them not to.

    1. My romantic heart was hoping the same, it just gives a whole new meaning to the holiday. Dreamy sigh.


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