Saturday, 30 March 2013

three's company four is unknown

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I seem to have missed a chunk of this year, from the end of January which still has a slow glazey fond sort of memory. To, well now. I missed February's passing without notice, how the days get so lost to me I haven't the foggiest, and march was gone in a flash. Honestly I don't think February would have stopped to wave goodbye had I seen it go. And march was a hair pulling hectic child that made even a sane mind feel a bit mad. Oh who am I kidding aren't we all a bit mad ?
January was a sweet month, the kind I could sit and have tea and a chat with. Someone please explain to me why thirty days filled with books seemed to touch eternity where there is no time.
It only goes to show how close literacy comes to time travel, now there's just that tricky space travel to figure. (There's that inner nerd I try so hard to keep hidden from you all) my apologies.
But those who live in the past never move forward so it's an early welcoming but hello April.
Lets hope you will be kinder than February, which brought troublesome soul searching, why does it seem that some months are destined to be a bother on a light heart ?  I am pondering this as I stroke the nose of my black and white fur ball of a cat. Whose as I am writing this trying his hardest to enforce an attack upon my poor papers piled high upon my desk. He's succeeded in knocking them off excuse me while I go retrieve my livelihood.
  Perhaps April dear you shall take your steps slower than march, full of hurry and bustle, planning and stress. Perhaps, we shall soon see.
I feel as I owe you dearest readers and followers some sort of explanation as to my ridiculous absence here. Am I weaning myself from the Internet ? Heavens no !
And heaven only does know how much I think about posting here when I have no time, and of all the amazingness I miss from those brilliant bloggers who never fail to feed my creative juices.
But what explanation can I give ? Life happens and gets the better of us, I could explain that a long awaited family celebration was planned and executed in the past month, that spending time with siblings that have been long away is more to my heart than even writing. That working with those  same said siblings on there home improvement business is exhausting and hard. But brilliant because I  get to be with them all day. Perhaps I might say that repainting the bedroom you share with your bosom buddies. Don't worry also siblings of mine. Went rather smoothly but got complicated at the end. I am happy to say the end result is lovely and fresh, and I have a fond memory to store of my sister and I setting our minds to something and getting the job done.
But that would fill pages and I really don't think that you all would be interested in every minute detail of why my absence has been so long.
So I shall just say hello I'm back.
My name is Rachel Hope Bishop, I'm 20 years old I share a crammed but cosy home with my eight siblings, two of whom are away for now, and my lovely mother.
I enjoy tea, coffee and Saturday mornings filled with the sound of my mother cooking bacon eggs and her speciality, pancakes,  My favourite smell is burgamot, I love cosy blankets and rainy afternoons. Books are the superior sustenance over food. And I will be a published writer someday soon. Hopefully. It is so very nice to meet you followers and readers.
Now that this long introduction is over, let me say welcome to my newest followers.
I really do love you all, your so great. And thanks for the patience, truthfully I thought I would log in here and find I had lost followers, what a pleasant surprise to see you are all still here, with some new additions. And thank you to miss Emily Ruth for the inspiration to write a new introduction, after a long absence.
So tell me about you, I would really love to know, who you are, what you like and who you share your existence with. If your are comfortable with sharing that is.
Also how about what your past three months have been for you, was the hazy January a global phenom or was it mine alone, did February make you want to forget it ever happened, or have you been crazy busy with March.
Sometimes it's good to step back and take some time away from something, it makes you appreciate that something all the more. And when family are around I hope you will choose them over something less precious than the priceless lives and relationships they bring.
I'm looking forward to more books and spring ! Oh how I have longed for green.
I hope your having a wonderful month and, here's to the weekend.

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  1. Good Morning Dear Rachel Hope,

    As usual, I love your posts! Your words are like musical notes dancing across the page - a melody in every post - bringing me great joy as I read through each and every sentence, even when I am pressed for time as is the case this morning as I head out the door to walk Rusty HoneyBear for an hour. It is enchanting how you take each month and make it so special. You remind me of a college professor friend who always has a treasure-chest of words and phrases to captivate those around him. He never ceases to amaze me, and you never cease to amaze me either. Keep writing!

    The HoneyBear's Mom
    Arlene B.


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