Thursday, 27 June 2013

Hello Old Friend

I haven't had much time to write anything lately, with summer comes many duties. But I'm never far from writing in my mind. I thought I would post about what I do in the times I'm far from paper and pen. When I finely sit down to write, its like the meeting of old friends. I miss my characters more than I would have imagined.
Its as though I finely get to converse with someone, or someones who have a mutual mind. every second spent with these non existent beings our relationship grows stronger and stronger. deeper and deeper. I would have never imagined growing so attached with figments of my imagination.
I never thought that building characters was much like building relationships, with real people. The more you spent time with them, the more you know them at there essence. quarks, style, ticks everything that makes them them. and this is easier now because I can meet them in the doorway of my imagination at any time. morn or eventide. There are some you just click with and others who are a bit more elusive, I have learned this and its added a deeper growth to my writing than I could have imagined. I know lots of people stress the character thing, and I was one of those people who `nods head´ Yes yes I agree, I get it its important, but then never gave it much time or thought to deepen the idea.
I always thought that this meant writing, but I was wrong. Lately being far from anything that writes even a pen I have been dreaming all sorts of things in my mind. what would happen if, or what if that. I have been doing an extensive research of my characters far down to small details like there favourite colours. Its been wonderful.
Thankfully this is the first novel I have really stuck to. And I have spent so much time with, three years writing a novel is a long time, and there are more reasons why its not finished apart from the I'm terrible at just getting to it than can be written here.
That the characters are more and more like old friends than just narrators whispering in my ear.
now instead of a cold face to face factual interview, we chat at our leaser on sofas and have bergamot and french vanilla scented tea. And we stray to many things apart from there past. I do need to spend some more time with the rest of this cast, but hey the the two main protagonist is a good start. I'm just imagining a friendly interview with a sputtery cold old antagonist, and its very hilarious. Well see.
I just thought I would encourage you to spend a little more time with your cast, and give it a try. Close your eyes picture your characters give yourself time to dream all sorts of scenario's. Even ones that stray far from your plot. you'll be pleasantly surprised with what you discover. I know I have.

What about you, What do you do to understand your characters ?

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  1. I had a friend who used to think I was slightly crazy for thinking of my characters in this way. But it is very true. They become like friends, ones it is hard to be parted from. The more we are around them the more lifelike they become until we understand every part of them. It is a feeling I never get tired of.


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