Monday, 21 February 2011

Hope Mondays.

I have decided that mondays should be all about hope. There is nothing better than being encouraged on the first day of the week, I find it sets an attitude of thankfulness for the week ahead. And I think having something lovely to meditate on throughout the day makes one a happier individual.

Real Bible hope is not ''wishing'' it is earnest, intense expectation that what God has said will come to pass . Now we don't always have that kind of hope, it may be easy when we are little children, we easily trust and expect something only on someone's words, but when life, and pressures enter, our ability to trust is often lost. So how do we develop this kind of Hope ?? you stay in God's Word. This definition of hope is, until your neck stretches out, yes you read that right... till your neck stretches out. now at first I thought this was a funny way of describing Hope, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. I think this man describes the kind of hope I'm talking about best.

''When I was a little boy, my grandfather was my hero. he was a full blooded Cherokee Indian and I wanted to act like him, look like him, curse like him and spit like him-much to my mothers chagrin. When my mother would tell me that he and my grandmother were coming to see us, I  would get so excited I could hardly wait. Every minute or two,I'd run to the window to see if they had arrived. Every noise sent me running for the door.I tell you, my neck was stretched out in anticipation. My pawpaw was coming and I expected him any moment.
That may sound like a simple example, but the Lord once told me if people would just expect him to move as much as a child expects his grandparents to arrive, he could move on their situation and change things drastically by the power of the holy spirit.'' K.C.

I'm hoping you have a lovely week. and would love to hear from you.

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  1. Thank you miss Bishop i cant wait to read more about hope on mondays!!


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