Monday, 25 April 2011

Hope mondays.

When you keep all the cares of this world piled up on your shoulders, its a heavy load to carry. If you think about those cares and meditate on them, pretty soon all your going to see is the problems in your life. You can't be vary hopeful when your expectancy is in all the issues you may be facing, I can tell you you wont be able to move past any problem if you focus on the problem alone. God can do nothing for you if your expectancy in not in Him, and you can't expect God to do something for you if you think you have to figure out all your problems alone. Stop thinking you can do it all, our heavenly Father is there just waiting for us to give Him the problem in our lives so He can make a beautiful miracle out of them for us. Give your cares to God, roll them on Him He is so much stronger than any one of us, and He knows exactly how to take care of you and all those problems that have tried to take up residence in your life. And then hope in God, the best way to build up hope is to make a list of all the Lord has done for you, read those things every day, thank him for them over and over, also read his words they are filled with Love and grace and his promises to you. He will not break His words to you, but you have to know what it is He has promised you to be able to keep hoping in him. Break free from all those worries, breath a sigh of relief. God is still on the throne, He loves you, you don't have to be alone in any situation.

Keep your hope in him.


  1. You write beautifully Rachel! Love you little sister! oxox

  2. thank you Elisabeth, I love you too !!


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