Saturday, 7 May 2011

Mothers day.

 Mother, the word alone hopefully brings you a wealth of sweet memories from childhood. soft hands that tucked you in at night, gentile reprimands and words of wisdom to guide you,
sweet smiles and an even sweeter voice full of love.
Mothers are the one constant we have in our lives, from the time we are born and all through our lives she is there guiding us, teaching us. She will cry with us, laugh with us and give us all the encouraging  words we need all through our lives.
Mothers have one of the hardest jobs, if one would call it a job,
it is more a life dedicated to the service of the lives she has helped create. mothers bear the pains and joys of bring up children, their deep love for the little lives that surround them is unspeakable. I have been blessed with a wonderful mother,
She truly has colored our family with joy and love, she is imprinted in each of  my brothers and sisters and my self, the threads of her love and grace will follow us all our lives. every moment we have her to confide in she is a shoulder to cry on she is a source of strength and a life to model ours after.
My prayer is that every one has someone in their lives to be this for them. My family and I have been blessed with a Godly beautiful woman who has lived her life for each of us.   remember to treasure your mother every moment you are here to care for her as much as she has cared for you. Happy mothers day to every woman who has raised or helped to raise a child, who has loved deeply and felt the pangs or joys of motherhood. you are an inspiration to me.

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