Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Moments are treasures too.


I love to talk about all the wonderful things we should treasure. From a laugh shared among family, to a hug from someone special, there are many things to be treasured and saved in the heart. One of these for me is moments, hours, days, and so on. Treasuring moments and the memories that come with them are so important, the dictionary says that treasure means, a thing of  great worth; something rare or precious, to cherish, prize or appreciate. Now I can't say moments are rare they come and go so easily they are one of the more abundant constants we have in life. I tend to feel they are under appreciated, we are so used to being in there midst we hardly notice them at all. Imagine you were given a great and precious treasure what would you do with it ? you would admire it, perhaps display this treasure for all to see and enjoy. if it was something you were to spend you would take special care and thought to what you would spend it on, perhaps not wanting to spend it at all. We have been given a great and wonderful treasure every day, and even though we cant hold or capture time to keep it forever, we have been given the product of those moments, memories. We can save these memories and its like having all those moments locked in a chest to be taken out and enjoyed. How are you spending every moment ? please I implore you do not waste them on angry passions, jealous rage or discontentment. Treasure every moment as fine gold. Enjoy today.

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