Saturday, 2 July 2011

Finding rest in the unexpected troubles of life.

I have noticed a common issue through out my life and the life many other people. Unexpected troubles, that come to ruin a day, these happen to us all these said troubles can come in the form of the car that wont start, or that pet that got sick of your freshly cleaned carpet, problems that seemingly come out of nowhere screaming at you reminding you how un simple life can be. My point is trials come in many shapes and sizes, colors and dare I say faces and can range in size from small to grossly huge. It is so easy to be disturbed by unexpected issues that come out and blind-sight us demanding a reaction. how we deal with these problems is so important, we can let these issues ruin our day our year or even our life. We get so caught up in them up in them we gripe and complain and bemoan our "lot in life'' this happens to every one of us, anyone living can say they face unexpected problems they weren't ready to deal with, thats ok  no one pens in there schedule when issues will come up, its impossible to know. So if all humans are tied together with the common thread of unexpected problems, it is how we deal with them that make us different. What can we do then to not react wrongly when we are staring face to face with a problem ? I introduce to you the answer, THE ONE THING THAT IS NEEDFUL
the Bible in Hebrews 12:1-2
Let us lay aside every weight that so easily besets or ensnares us. looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.
Lets look at the weight mentioned in this verse, I believe the writher was meaning those troubles that can so easily beset us the word weight literally means to add heaviness to, to what ? your life your moments your dreams. these weights ensnare, catch and entangle in a snare, or besets us to attack from all sides, harass and hem in surround or cover us. I would say unexpected troubles can and do all these things. but what does it say to do to them ? lay them aside, how ? By doing what it says in the next verse look to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Do the one thing that is needful in every ones life, look to Jesus, spend time with Him and in his word. The more you and I do this the these unexpected issues that seem huge at the moment wont seem so next time. Do the one thing needful and watch those problems grow less and less irritating

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