Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Another what I love wednesday.

Here we are at yet another wednesday the middle of the week or not if you count the weekend, but who considers the weekend as the week ? any way I thought I'd post some web deliciousness, ''no that was not a phrase I made up I couldn't have thought of somethin so clever'' again moving on. Being Italian my family and I try to incorporate some kind of pasta meal each week and wednesday has been that day ever sense I can remember, I love wednesdays because now that I'm older I get to cook the pasta meal for my family, have I mentioned I love to cook ? well if I haven't let this be an announcement I love to cook for my family, and cook with my mother learning from her, she makes the worlds best sauce, I'm not kidding.  I thoroughly enjoy it. I would post a recipe of our own but my camera is full and I don't have the heart to delete any pictures, I'm strange that way, so here is some delicious recipes from around the web for a Italian

                          bow ties with summer squash the italian chef this website has lots of good looking    recipes for all different meals not just pasta. 

                               this sausage spinach ravioli with tomato cream sauce looks delicious 
                                this recipe is from italian food for ever                                 

                        sundried tomato pasta salad from  the pioneer woman this one looks really good
  winter pasta from 101 cookbooks looks scrumptious I love green pasta, probably the child in me.

                             pasta with asparagus pancetta, and pine nuts from cooking light yummy.

I hope these recipes have inspired you to start a wednesday pasta tradition,
have a great rest of the week.

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