Friday, 19 August 2011

Random thoughts on art

Art, the word has so many different avenues so many different meanings.
Art for me means anything that inspires or makes a person feel. Art is so different for so many people and I've been leaning that its important to define what it means to me as an individual. But how does one go about defining ?? If asked to define art I would have to say anything done with passion.
 I would love to call my self an artiest, I'm not really sure what that title entails, I know I love to draw and pant, and craft with my hands and put pen on paper and write the words that flow from my heart, so do I then call myself an artiest or can one only attain that title by being an accomplished payed artiest with a large body of work to be admired. I would call my self an artiest even if no one ever sees my creations, story, detailed lines on a page, or paint on canvas. What do you call art how do you define it ??
do you call your self an artiest, I would love to know.                                  

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