Sunday, 11 September 2011

9/11 Ten Years Remembered

Any human alive on the planet ten years ago, who was old enough to remember will remember september the eleventh two thousand and one, every person has there own perspective a different story connected by this one major event of sadness. I have my own memories of that day. I was only eight years old and yet the impact will live within my memory forever, just like the footage watched around the world immortalized the faces and the emotions of those few hours and the days afterward, these memories and emotions will forever be alive for every human who experienced it in some way or another. being reminded of these makes me think how close we are all, how really alike the world in its own unique way, that when some tragedy occurs we all reach for the same things, hope and faith and sense of  security taken from the love of family and from a divine creator. what stands out in my memory is the footage of thousands flocking to the churches looking for relief and peace, answers and unmitigated love. Those pictures of people from different backgrounds and different races coming to one place, to the mercy seat for the same reason will stay with me forever. Let us not forget, which we are often apt to do those moments when race, religion, background or color of skin knew no bounds and all we saw was the most beautiful display of love from one human to another. The important part of remembering is to go to those moments and pull them to the present and see that we a a people always need these things faith, hope, the love of our father and the security that comes from a family, and remind us to treasure every day every moment regardless of the feelings we may be facing, and to treasure every human life that we may come in contact with. May we never forget these, and the people who lost there precious lives this day ten years ago.
Treasure every day.

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