Monday, 12 September 2011

Hope Mondays.

Sometimes we despair when we find our selves in the valleys of life
 but I want to challenge you today to rejoice when it gets dark and hard 
rejoice because, you have no need of light unless you have shadow.
                            You can only see how brightly Gods light can shine in your life when you have darkness
                 that surounds you.We live in a world that is dark, but we have no fear because our Father in           
Heaven in all his Love shields us from that darkness. What ever you are facing today don't despair don't lose Hope God IS WITH YOU, He loves you and is always with you. 
let that light of Gods word and his love fill up those dark times, and rejoice because your father 
has your every need in mind and can take your cares and carry you through. 
Keep hoping.                 


  1. Beautiful post, Rachel! :) You have a lovely blog!

  2. Thank you for this Rachel. These words are so true: "you have no need of light unless you have shadow" even though those dark times feel like they over come the light sometimes. Through it all I keep my eyes on the light no matter how small it gets sometimes.
    You are a blessing at such a young age. Please continue this journey that you are on.


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