Thursday, 29 September 2011

A Wonderful Journey Through Creativity.

                       Ah the joys of sitting at a desk, filling papers with all kinds of creations
stories or sketches poems and songs, all the beauty of creation every part of me loves it. Surrounded by boxes of paper colorful scraps and small sketches scattered here and there, bright pens and pencils in pots greet me every time I sit down to write, erasers and pads filled with dreams and thoughts call to me wanting to be finished. The beauty of a blank page, what will it be ? a princess a fairy or some far away place only seen in my dreams ? the skies the limit when a blank page sits before me.

With only my imagination to be my companion I start out on this journey this adventure full of wonder.
 I'm off  for another adventure.


  1. Ah yes..... I love to turn a blank page into a story! I also like to write all my thoughts on a page. It helps me gather my thoughts!

  2. I really like those photos!
    Other peoples's creativity always inspires me, so thanks for this post!


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