Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Autumn Tea.

 I have my sweater on, my trusted boots all laced and and a wide grin gracing my face, what is it that I a smiling about ?   I am joining The Old fashioned Girl and Grace in her lovely garden for a walk through the orchard I love the idea of gathering together to celebrate autumn and every thing we love and enjoy about the season. One such gathering going on until the twenty third of october is a spot of tea, a lovely link up if you love anything and everything about tea. Think of it as a tea party online from blog to lovely blog.
you can add your link, or just come along and see what others have to share just click here

Tea lovely tea, delicate dried leaves steeped in hot water poured from a beautiful pot, lovely china, silver spoons ah a moment to relax and be fully drawn in letting your senses awake in the aromatic scents of the lovely leaves take in a breath and and savor the fleeting moment of peace.

I don't understand why we americans don't have afternoon tea the english do and many other countries still enjoy a cup, but for us it has become a morning drink that has long been in the shadows of coffee and other coffee drinks, its a shame, tea is really a lost treasure.
I remember tea parties well, though it has been some time sense I have actually had a real tea party, ah time flies it seems only yesterday my sister and I were lulling away lovely hours in the sun under a favorite tree laughing and playing we were high born english ladies having our afternoon tea. But here I am now having a fall tea party with all of you ! Come and join me
                                                        THE TABLE 
I have set up a little table out side on a crisp autumn day, and have lain a lovely white or linen piece of cloth over the table, and spread some colored leaves from my yard across the table like a table runner of nature, my center piece is a bunch of home made paper flower, you can find the how to HERE


   aren't these cute ? I just had to post these, there party favors or place cards with a lovely flavored tea inside what a nice idea . I am placing these on my table also.
and for decorations, a felt autumn leaf garland, so cute  

At my table I'm placing

Griddle scones recipe here these look really simple and delicious 

Walnut cake with caramel whipped cream recipe here next time I make a cake I'm making this one 

And lastly Ina Garten's Cranberry Harvest Muffins recipe here I have tried these and can say they are scrumptious, my whole family really enjoys them every time we make them. 
And now to the tea, any kind is just fine whether you take black or herbal tea.            
I really love Earl grey or english breakfast, both have a subtle hint of orange and other spices, served with a drop of cream and a bit of sugar its the best afternoon relaxer so that is what I am placing at my table . But I have to say you can have any kind of refreshment especially sense its autumn, why not have mulled cider served with cinnamon sticks and star anise?  that would be a lovely way to celebrate autumn. I know its not tea but its so darn good and one only drinks it in the autumn, so serve both.  

I hope you come along and enjoy an autumn tea on your blog too,  just remember to ask 


  1. I love tea! today my throat hurt so tea has been my buddy!

  2. I enjoyed reading this post, Hope! Those paper flowers are so lovely. I am so glad that someone else linked up to Grace and Johanna's lovely event!


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