Saturday, 5 November 2011

October Storm photographs

Well dear readers I promised pictures from the snow storm we got hit with on saturday, here is just a few of them.
These were taken early on in the day, the snow was just a light dusting then, later it would gather up
       to about  twelve inches or more.     
  I have to say I love snow but I also love autumn and I was so unhappy that my autumn colors were ruined by snow. But then I unhappily went out side, after my mother forced me to go. Though I was fighting every second I was soon was caught up in the magic of the moment,
 SNOW softly falling like a million  FEATHERS 
  STICKING to every LEAFE every patch of uncovered GROUND,
       TICKLING My cheeks DANCING around me, ah I was caught up in the beauty, no longer  
   fighting the warm  DELIGHTED feelings that arose within me.      
 SNOW during autumn, you want to know something ? I completely didn't mind having my AUTUMN colors ruined for a time by that lovely SNOW.  I realized I was doubly Blessed to have Autumn and Winter together in an exquisite display BLENDED perfectly together  by NATURE.
I would not trade that experience for anything My eyes captured everything my camera could not. How I will TREASURE everything, the white scenes, the CRISP wind, the very distinct smell of snow, ask me sometime and I'll try and describe it to you.
I hope you enjoy the pictures of those near perfect scenes.

Sending you love 


  1. Those photos are simply lovely!!

  2. How lovely! I can only imagine the beauty of our God displayed in such a scene! *ahhh...* I'm getting a wee bit jealous. ;)

  3. Thank-You for the sweet comment on my blog. I love the name of your blog as well. And your photography is simply lovely.

  4. thank you Emily ruth, Rachel and Sarah Gods display of winter was lovely, I'm happy though that autumn is here again and the snow is melted. I like both seasons too much and I like to enjoy them separately , though seeing there beauty woven into one lovely scene was truly special. Do you ladies not get winter snow where you live ?

  5. Thank you miss marcia thats very kind of you.

  6. Those photos are beautiful. I heard about your blog from your interview on Beautiful Blank Pages. I love your blog's design as well, it's quite pretty. :)

  7. Oh, so pretty. We haven't gotten any snow here yet, but I know what you mean...even though I love it, I want to hold onto autumn just a bit longer. ;)

  8. Thank you Miss Joy your very sweet.


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