Wednesday, 2 November 2011

October Storm

October decided it would not leave easily, instead it felt the need to fight for its place and achieve eternal reign over all seasons. It did not, instead winter decided it wanted to come early and on Saturday an epic battle was fought between these two.  My sisters and I awoke to a winter wonderland of snow, I have to say I wasn't really ready for snow, but I was soon happily caught up in the beauty of nature, if you have ever wished to have snow falling over lovely colored leaves, that have not fallen from the trees, I would now understand why you would wish such a thing, the immense beauty of the two seasons happening at the same time was something very special and wonderfully unforgettable I relished in the breathtaking beauty, it couldn't be described as anything else than magical.
But to us unknown, a battle was being fought between these two lovely seasons, I now know why autumn and winter are separate and have never before met. As the snow fell relentlessly and heavily on the poor
unsuspecting trees they bent low and heavy to the ground under the immense pressure, no one expected what happened next. By midnight the snow had lightened a bit but by that time the trees had been brutally beaten. the curious onlookers, consisting of myself my three sisters and our dear mother stood rapt in the eerie, still night. If it had been any other night it would have been magical with the snow falling around us, but with the huge branches of the trees so heavy with the snow nearly touching the ground, and the tall fir trees looking so unlike were used to it was anything but. Then, the unthinkable happened, a loud popping sound pierced the night and to our horror a large branch from the gorgeous tree in our back yard fell with a heavy crash. We were thankfully safe indoors but still it was quite frightening, but winter was not yet finished and after a few moments our beloved tree split in two under the enormous weight to our horror, the sound cannot be described, and should never be heard. A perilous night was passed with the wind howling and nocking on our windows demanding entrance, every few moments the cracking popping and mutilations of natures most majestic creation reached our ears. Next morning the storm had passed, the great battle had been fought and it seemed winter had won, it seemed so until the sun peeked its head from its fluffy cloud pillow, and warmed the earth with his rays and winter had to answer to his sunny smile, unhappily it slowly melted back into the earth. Which force of nature won ? I couldn't say, each suffered massive loss, but the saddest for me was the trees.

 Pictures of that day before the battle was fought are soon to come...

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  1. We had snow, too, but not as much as it sounds like you did. It is too bad that your tree was split!
    I can't wait to see your photos!


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