Wednesday, 30 November 2011


The short story,
that dreaded undertaking that seems to be my Achilles heel. I haven't yet felt prepared enough to try an undertaking such as that. What is it that makes me so apprehensive to venture to it, would if I could I would boldly take up my pen and just write, but I tend to be overly ambitious and I seem to be too detailed, by the time I have finished the introduction I have written a short story.
I have to say that in times past I haven't been brave enough to test those troubled waters, now I am happy to say I have coyly ventured into that dark void. 
A romance should suit me well, what do I know about romance you ask ? only what I have myself read in those great novellas from the past, I would love to tell you more but I am afraid my feeble attempts would be quickly abandoned if a hard word came to it, or if I over thought it and happily through it aside. 
In the wakes of national novel writing month I have been inspired to, even though I didn't join, try and complete some body of work, big or small. and I decided to test a short story, have my attempts been successful ? 
Perhaps, perhaps not, I have reached a blockade where the two main characters seem to be hiding behind far from my eyes, at least for now anyway. I know it will pass. 
I suppose I  could tell you a bit more, I seem to be feeling brave at this moment, I'll probably regret this later but here goes. 
The main characters are, 
   Miss Sophia Granor 

Sophia rose with grace her lovely brown eyes looked over the crowd of people, all watching her intently she felt, as if waiting for her to make some mistake she took a deep breath and thought of him, he would tell her it was alright and to look to the future, steading her heart she slowly took each step, the thought of him made her strong, but how could they be together now ? at this moment she walked down the isle of a frescoed church white train trailing behind her and ahead, a sealed fate that could not be broken. she held her brunet head high, eyes like stone, not telling the storm that raged within her. 

Jack Rodham 

looking out the falling snow jacks life played before him, too weak to fight the unhappy emotions that wrapped him in a blanket of blackness, could he keep the small burning ember of long love lit ? and if he could would fate relent and let him be happy again. he covered his chest pocket with his hand there hidden to the world was one small letter now worn with time, though creased and tattered the words were still clear the script not faded, he didn't need to read it the sweet words long being memorized. He ran a hand through his thick long black hair his blue eyes clearly showing his emotions, but who did he have to see and question his melancholy, no one not tonight at least. wordily possessions though obtained by his worked hands was not enough to fade the picture of her, his sophia.

 Well there is the introduction, sort of. I hope you enjoyed it, there is a lot more to the story but hopefully you could tell these two are very unhappy and torn apart by unstated circumstances 
other characters include 
Sophia's great aunt Bernetta a cruel stuck up old woman, very very rude to everyone and keeps sophia on where she can see her, or "control" her. 

One lively miss Elisabeth, though unhappily to me, insists on being called Betty, is the terror of poor jack who cant keep her tame enough to find her a proper suitor.

The dark and impressive signor Ugolotti a wealthy italian, insistent on winning Sophia.

I haven't decided on all the characters I'm sure others will be popping up here and there, I just had to get these on paper  before I chickened out, hopefully I'll finish it and my phobia will be a bit less, hopefully. 
And now a question, How long do you all think a short story should be ? one page, ten ? I would love to hear your thoughts.
 Until next time I'll be trying to keep myself afloat. 

Copyright 2011. 
Please do not copy and or use without permission from the author. Thank you 


  1. I LOVE this and can't wait to read more! :)

  2. Thank you miss Morgana, its great to see your enjoying my blog

  3. Its amazing I really love it! :)

  4. I am relieved I wasn't sure if it made a lick of sense .
    give your little brothers a hug for me !

  5. I will lol :))))))


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