Saturday, 3 December 2011

Stylish Blogger Award.

I was award the                                 

Thanks to miss Emily  

This is my first tag and as I have never been tagged I am quite excited. 

Now, I am suppose to write seven random facts about my self, hmm seven, that many? I'm not sure I could think of seven, but here goes.
     One. I have had fringes/bangs since I was, I think three.
     Two. I have a cat named after the klondike bars, he's black and white.
     Three. My cat has a brother named after oreo cookies.
     Four. My eyes are hazel green, and my hair is brown. does that count as two facts ?
      Five. I don't have a favorite color, imagine your life seeing only that color, would be boring wouldn't it.
     Six. I love ballet, and took classes when I was younger.
     Seven. I have a pintrest obsession, just ask my family.
     Well that wasn't too hard, was it.
   And now heres some lovely blogs I'm passing this award on to
       Rachel Heffington her writing blog gives me such inspiration  Here    
       Miss laurie at Old Fashioned Charm
       Miss Elisabeth Rose at Living on literary lane
       Miss Eve at Essence of eve photography

    Thank you Emily for tagging me, I had fun thinking up the answers.


  1. Thank you most kindly for passing this award on to me! So glad you enjoy my blog! I'll post my tag answers very soon. :)

    God Bless,
    Miss Laurie

  2. Thank you, Rachel! :) I am honored to be awarded, and I will try to post my tag soon. :)

  3. I enjoyed reading your facts. :) I never really thought about favorite colors like that...I would NOT want to only see the world in purple and orange. :P

  4. I just reposted the award, thanks for awarding me!


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