Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Through the Eyes of a Child

Close your eyes and remember, remember a time when everything held within its self a quality of enchantment. Remember the dreams, excitement, and charm of life seen through the eyes of a  unburdened  heart.
Every moment held an inexpressible characteristic of something, something that could not be described. Why, I ask my self is it that as we grow we lose that special quality to see the lighter things. Why do we become so absorbed in the things that "must be done" that we completely forget about the important things, things like magic and wonder and the beauty of things that are seemingly simple, but can because of some complex reason that I don't understand hold the most meaning to every one involved. 
 I implore you to remember to look at this Christmas season through the eyes of a child, try though it may be hard, to forget about the endless things that need doing, or the many things that are piling up, and be in the moment. Its easy to be overwhelmed at this time of year with parties, presents, family, and our own expectations to make things absolutely perfect. Just remember that the most important things rarely are the big things that we try to with strength and might to pull off, but are the tiny things that take nearly no planing or are the spontaneous and simple things that give us warm happy memories. Things like walks in the winter snow, or traditions that have been passed from generation to generation, I know that even these things take someone planing them to make them happen, and its easy to despise this season because of the work and planning that goes into it but please don't. This christmas look at everything as a child would and find yourself in a wonder world of inspiration and joy, because christmas isn't about all the things we get hung up on, but its about remembering the real reason we have to celebrate. The freedom we have because of one tiny child and the sacrifice that He would ultimately make for all of us.

           All photos via Pintrest



  1. This is such a sweet reminder! And the photos go with it perfectly. :)

  2. Lovely post!

    Thank you so much for leaving the sweet note on my blog! I really appreciate sweet comments from fellow bloggers, and followers who take the time to leave a "drop of sunshine." :)

    May the Lord richly bless your Christmas!



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