Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The dry spell

I have been as of late in a dry spell creatively speaking, I have to say at the start that this is very rare for me the girl with constant stories floating around her head and being driven to utter madness due to the lack of time in a day. So lately I seem to be unlike my self, the river of creativity seems to have been dammed up somewhere, but where I ask my self, my self does not answer. I sit down to write and every word seems forced every thought I scorn as unusable every dialogue is dry even the dialogue in my head has no deeper thought, this cant be writers block because even drawing and sketching seems dull and I listlessly throw every project aside, this will go away right ? again my self does not answer. Its been so long sense I have picked up a pen and wrote something I actually liked or wrote for that matter.
I can't seem to set sail on creativity have I lost it all ? Surely not, but still did I miss the boat to a creative shore ? perhaps
  Lately in these dry spells I have been picking up my bible, what a treasure trove of ideas I have found there even for imaginative stimulation, yes my imagination is even having issues, I am so surprised by the many interesting details that I find my self asking why have I never seen this before, it must just be me because I shared the particular verse in genesis that was making me dream of eden and ancient bible days and seeing how strange the earth must have been, and my brother didn't say anything thats right I there I sat going on and on like a crazed girl and he just looked at me like I was crazy. I am always amazed by the beauty of Gods word and the power it holds against any dry spell even creative one's. I also find that reading helps, what do you my dear readers do to beat the dry      spells ? I'll just be here looking at the sky waiting for a sign of a cloud and maybe rain,
So I can be soaked with creativity.                                               


  1. this is lovely! i totally know what you mean, the words just don't come!


  2. I haven't really gone through a dry spell quite like this, but I have gone through little ones. I don't have any advice except keep trying, It will come back eventually. :)And just so you know, I think this is a lovely post.

  3. wow, you expressed it so wonderfully, dear!

    thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog...I really feel so blessed to have dear readers like yourself!!!



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