Thursday, 5 January 2012

Of Ice and Fairies and maybe even Spring

 Today was a cold, cold day.
  Ice glazed the windows in patterned designs, I couldn't help but imagine tiny fairies in there cozy winter garb drawing ice masterpieces over the windows throughout the night, what tiny fingers would make such intricate pictures, seeing it tempted me to draw some of my own altho I could not do as good a job as my dreamt of fairies. I also imagine two sisters seated at a window with precious thimbles in hand drawing designs on there icy canvas, as you can read I can't resist being thrilled by icy windows.
The sun did little good to warm the inhabitance of this day, here where I live. Mr sun were you warm all alone in your great big sky, or did colds icy fingers reach even you ?
Its a strange thing when all the world around you if frozen, the ground beneath my feet didn't make a sound the spindly fingers of the trees blew sharply in the icy wind taking my breath as its own,  I wonder if the cold branches dream of spring as they sleep. Ah spring I can easily dream of it on a day like today. babbling brooks, warm breezes, new life. Not that I don't like the cold, I do there's something cozy about it I think of all sorts of things but on a day like today, I must dream. though now its dark outside and I shall soon retire to bed I am sitting here thinking of the cold day, and of the beauty and something else I can't put into words. I must end this post but I hope all of you dear readers had a lovely day, and are enjoying your first week in the new year.
I must ask on long winter days do you dream of warmer weather ? or do you dream of fairies and ice and enjoy all this season has to offer, or do you do both ?

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  1. I dream of a bit of both; it depends on my mood. My typical opinion is that if it is going to be this cold, we need snow. :) it just makes everything better and cozier.


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