Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Of A Lazy Wednesday Afternoon

Life seem to be constantly going, wither its housekeeping, meal making or any other unexpected chore that seems to be coming out of the woodwork lately. There are some times that are relatively peaceful, and might even be called "lazy" These are very rare mind you, but none the less today this afternoon has been just that for me. Out my window there is a million tiny flakes that are bent in delaying my dreams for spring, covering the ground in a white blanket, I'm having all sorts of wintery inclinations just because of the picture that is slowly building outside. I'm sipping a steaming cup of coffee as I write and all day have been having urges to shamelessly tromp through the snow with the ardor of a child. Ah its a sweet thought
but the days demands are building and I can feel my lazy afternoon coming to a rapid close. But still I linger just a but more day dreaming all sorts of things that would be wonderful to do whilst in the snow. 
 Of certain battles that would be most exciting to be apart of knights and horses all battling in the snow covered hills of times past winter fashions from the ancient days and the old countries. I would love to write all sorts of things about the winter fairies that used to play in my imagination when I was a child, their adventures ignited me to see winter differently as a child, always looking for the tiny creatures that made the snowflakes. I have been most fondly dreaming of a book, I haven't cracked the pages of a book in how long ? I cant say. I know this can't particularly be done outdoors in the falling snow but I know that to sit be a window and enjoy both would be wondrous. 
What are you doing with your afternoon ? I do hope its something you love.

                                                                                                                                 Photos via pinterest


  1. My afternoon was spent in lots of music. I am in a after school choir that meets every Wednesday after school, and then not too long after that was over I went to string orchestra where I play the violin. Lots and lots of music. *smiles*.


  2. I tried commenting earlier today, but I was on my iPod and I didn't know if it worked.... :-/ so, if it did, just forget this comment! :D

    It looks like you had a lovely day! I wish it would snow here at my house, but.... the weather is determined to go up and down in a carrousel of cold and warm weather. :) Yesterday I was at a speech/fallacy/logic class. :P So.... you definitely had the better afternoon of us two. ;)

    Oh, and I love the beautiful pictures! :D The last one is from "A Little Princess"..... am I right? :)

    Have a good day today!

    God bless,
    Anna Grace

  3. My evenings are always busy. There is seems to be always something to do.

    1. yes evenings can be so demanding, frustratingly of corse for that is when one wishes to relax from the days demands and can't. I completely understand.

  4. this afternoon for me I am spending quietly, but I usually have ballet or music on which takes up most of the afternoons in the week! : )

    p.s. loved the photos!

    1. oh ballet ! I do so love that dance, and miss it like crazy, that is how I should like to spend an afternoon most definitely, you are so fortunate. and music ? what kind do you play ?

  5. oh that is such a shame that you can't do ballet! : (
    I learn piano, and play flute (but i don't have flute lessons). Do you play an instrument?


  6. Unfortunately no I don't play an instrument, one of my great goals in life is to teach myself classical piano. I will someday :)
    And yes it is a shame I can't do ballet anymore, my sister and I took classes a few years back and I have longed to continue ever since, someday I'm sure I might pick it back up, if not I shall be content to watch it when ever I can. Have you done any ballet shows ?

  7. oh that is a shame! I have done LOTS of concerts (I have been doing ballet since I was 2) and eisteddfods etc.! :)

    I'm off for an audition today.......:)

    Love ~*Chantelle*~

  8. Hey! I tagged you in a tag! :)



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