Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Another Tag

I was  tagged by miss Gabrielle from the ink stained parchment
I have already posted 11 random things about my self and, I have to say that they were very hard to come up with, I write about others not my self I find it strange and uncomfortable. so I will not be posting a new set of random things  but if your interested you can read them Here

Here are Miss Gabrielle's questions:
>Who is your favorite author ?
 well thats a hard one for me, in truth I don't feel qualified to have one specific author who I have a particular attachment to, I feel I haven't read enough, and maybe haven't found the one just yet, and there are too many that I love and cant agree on with myself. But I shall be brave and choose one 
Miss Louisa May Alcott would have to be my favorite classic writer, I have always dearly loved her stories, and I have read enough of them to really love her style of writing, perhaps this will change in the future, who knows. 

>Do you have a favorite country you dream of visiting ?
oh yes, I have wanted someone to ask me that question, but here I am oddly stumped, I have dreamt of tramping my footprints in so many places that its had for me to choose, Australia, Italy and Greece where I hail from, England, well the whole united kingdom really, and maybe all of europe. I have a bad case of wanderlust. 

>Who is your favorite actor ?
I cant say I have a favorite actor, I admire lots of different actors for there talents, but if I have to name names I would say right now, I am obsessed with the  BBC Doctor who, and the courant actors are amazing Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. 

> Do you have a favorite genre of music ?
classical does it for me all day, I feed off of the beauty of the orchestra.

> What is your favorite quote ?
This question has come up a lot, and I keep finding really great inspiring quotes,
this one spoke to me. 

> Do you have a favorite subject in school ?
yes it would have to be history, I love learning about our past and for it usually tells us where not to go, and inspires us with stories of people with courage and gives us hope of what we might accomplish.

> What is your favorite type of genre ?
Well I have a few, which I'm sure isn't surprising :)  I love drama and historical fiction, and fantasy with that comes science fiction, and in these romance. Its really in these that I would like to focus my writing.

> Do you prefer BBC or american made shows ?
Well knowing my Doctor Who Obsession, my first initial answer would me BBC, but It really depends on the show it doesn't matter where it comes from, altho I do love a foreign accent. (smile) 

> Do you like ice cream, and if so what kind.
Personally I don't know of one self respecting person who doesn't love ice cream, if you don't I don't hold anything against you, Yes i love ice cream and My favorite flavor would be black cherry. 

> What is your favorite movie ?
of all time ? I think you know where I'm going here, I can't choose one thats not fair to all the others 
and I really can't think of one. Weird. 

> Who is your favorite fictional character ?
These questions are so deliciously hard to answer, and now I'm thinking about cherry ice cream, (thinking hard) I really cant say I have one I have thought long and hard about this one and no one seems to come to mind, I shall have to forfeit this question if thats Ok. and I shall make a priority of finding one. 

I shall no be tagging anyone else, if you like these questions then feel free to take and answer them for yourself.
Thank you miss Gabrielle for the tag, I had fun thinking up questions.
Wishing you all a wonderful day


  1. You're quite welcome, Rachel. Thanks for answering them. Sorry about giving so many hard questions. I had a hard time coming up with various questions that were unusual. I had fun reading your answers.

    1. oh your questions were in fact quite good, it was I who had the problem, I seem to have a problem when answering questions about myself.

  2. Hello! I just stumbled upon your lovely blog today while looking up quotes and illustrations from The Black Arrow, and I saw your blog! :)

    I really like it and am now a new follower of it! ;) Also, your blog template is beautiful! I gather from the few posts I have read that you like to write? I write a little. My sister used to write a LOT though! :D

    All to say: I will be reading your blog now! :D

    Anna Grace of http://littlemebigcreator.blogspot.com/


  3. Oh, thank you for the comments, also, Rachel! :) And thank you for your kind words, you are very sweet. :) Have you read all the books in my last paragraph? O.O I don't know anyone who has read a few of those. Specifically, Men of Iron and Ivanhoe.....

    No, I don't mind. I'm Homeschooled actually, and I had the choice between Latin or Spanish..... and since I LOVE the sound of Latin.... I chose that! :) It's as close to leaning Anglo-Saxon (which I love) as I will get any time soon. :)

  4. I forgot to mention in my last comment... You like Doctor Who? That's cool! My favorite character is Rory.... :) He's so sweet! I don't per-say "LOVE!!!" Doctor Who, but I do like it. Especially if Rory is in it. My cousin Katie (http://www.beautifully-pure.com/) loves Dr. Who!

    Actually, I've been more hooked on the BBC show "Merlin" right now, than anything else. :) And "Sherlock"......I like British shows..... :D

  5. lol you will have to come visit me!! I live in Australia!


  6. Ooh, you should read "Men of Iron"! :D It's about a guy named Myles Falworth. It starts when he's about 8 and goes until he's a young man. He's training in a castle to be a knight! It's really good! It's by Howard Pyle. :D

    That's not strange at all.... You should have seen some of the things my sister and I have watched for inspiration! *grin*



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