Thursday, 2 February 2012

Time, Moments and February Dreams

Where has january gone I ask my self, it seems the hands on the clock wind down so quickly these days.
I must take this time to say adieu to January, you came and went I barely noticed you at all.
These days I seem to notice time go, like sand in my hands I cant really get a firm grasp on it it just keeps moving despite all my cries of protest, isn't it strange that as children time seemed to crawl with an excruciatingly sluggish pace, and now you turn around twice and a year has passed.
I am ever reminded to keep every day with persistence, by that I mean to keep my days as productive as they can, and I must admit I get quite frustrated when often they are not as I would like them to be.
With time flowing, and unless we invent some object to stop it, which isn't going to happen any time soon
I try to remind my self that every day every moment is a gift to be kept with respect, how I spend my time wont slow it down but it will maximize the few short hours we get each day. This has been something coming up allot in this infant year and I am determined to get it right and use every moment of spare time for something useful.
 But I have to say there are those moments that time seems to stand still, when lying in a field with the sun over head feeling life grow and breath in those moments time doesn't matter, I've been dreaming of those moments or at least grass covered hills.
So welcome February stay a while please.
How do you keep time and spend it wisely ? I would love to know.

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  1. I struggle with spending time wisely, as well. Often the computer eats up so much of my precious time! Thank you for reminding me of how precious time really is in this post!


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