Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hope Mondays

Hope, its that small nudging that says don't give up, its the paintbrush that colors your dreams daily and renews your faith yet again to keep trying to reach that yet unattained goal. It says there is nothing impossible there is no dream too small, too big, too old or too ridicules that can't be breathed to life, don't give up on your dreams, your goals see yourself accomplishing that task set your hope to work for you. If you dream impossible dreams ones that seem impossible to ever come to pass then good for you, when you close your eyes at night and you see your self accomplishing that dream then you have hope for that thing, keep seeing it in every way you can, that dream is closer to taking form than you might imagine. 
 Keep hoping ! 


  1. Dreams should always be chased at a fingertips distance and accomplished within the light of hope.

  2. that is so true, great words, are they yours ?

  3. yupp If they weren't I would definitely quote them!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. i don't care what others say i love every thing about your blog carol

  5. Well, you definitely have a way with words miss Morgana, are you still writing little lady ?
    Thank you Carol your opinion matters allot to me.

  6. Of curse :) its so impossible to stop and your blog is so inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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