Sunday, 12 August 2012


I was born with a incurable desire for travel.
Lately with the highlight on the Olympics, seeing country after country and hearing stories from foreign people. It has reminded me just how much I long to travel.
Long has my dream been to see other places, to traverse dusty ancient roads, see places positively dripping with history. To speak with the language of ancients, and learn ways of life much older than the life we are so in the habit of. I want to not only see but become a part of the lives of peoples  strange to me, and understand them. Wouldn't it just be wonderful to learn there stories, and see places of the world touched by history and time.
I want to see where the stories of the Bible happened.
I want to travel the tiny European roads untouched by strangers boots since medieval days.
I want to see the villages and places no one has heard of, see the faces of children who have been untouched by the world.
I want to see the ancient Briton lands where my ancestors came from.
Feel breezes from the seas across the world and taste strange salty air unknown to me. For now I will have to dream of the above mentioned. But that wont stop me.

 Below are some picture I am loving
Of corse the most are of London, I bet you can guess why.

Why wouldn't a person want to find some forgotten beach and get lost in time.                                                                                                                          
London downtown,  that Parliament building is haunting  

The river thames 

Do you dream of traveling dear reader ? If so where do you go in your dreams. 


  1. have awoken once again my desire to see the World, also! :) We should travel together. *Grin*

    I want to see the far East most of all. The pyramids of Egypt, the coldness of Russia (so I can sing songs from Fiddler on the Roof and act like Fiedka), the smell of India! I would absolutely LOVE to travel some of the Silk Road! oh, that would be so lovely!! But also the places such as Paris, Venice, Rome, and Scotland *sighs dreamily*

    I'd also love to travel somewhere on a cool, old early 18th century ship. :)

    Someday I'm going to. Somehow. Not sure how that's gonna happen yet--oh wait! I do know! I'll marry an Archaeologist! Yes! *fist pump*

    *nods head* Loved this post, Rachel!


  2. Oh mercy on us! I am possessed by a wanderlust myself! and this gorgeous playlist on here is only making it worse! Be still my heart. :P I have never had much of a desire to go to South America, nor China, but some places in Africa and *all* places in Europe and the Mediterranean calling me! <3


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