Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Prodigal Girl Returns

I haven't posted something here for a while. Its almost strange to be typing here, with the intent to click publish. My life as it were is busy, who's isn't may I ask ? Writing is my life's blood. And the inspiration I draw form all of the lovely Blogs I follow are a constant stream of help. So why does it seem strange to be posting ? I couldn't say.
 Here's some photos that I am loving today.

      If only my life were like this, all though I would feel bad for the person who had to row me about
      all day. I am drawing inspiration from this photo for a certain story, I'm no supposed to be writing.
      Isn't the photograph just stunning ?
 Hopefully I will be reading more and more, as the summer ends. That's a sad sentiment.  Yes I'm sad that summers almost over, and I am now missing the sum as it has poured rain for some time, which is making me feel even more that summers on its last leg. I am currently editing the first draft of my children's story, and sketching for the illustrations with my artist Mother. That's a very happy statement. If I do say so myself. That's what I have been "up to", not that I believe anyone really is waiting with bated breath to hear about my life. She writes smiling to herself.  I know the random nature of this post is hard to follow, forgive me. And thank you for reading at all. 


  1. Mm, that photo is simply gorgeous. Will you give us a sneak peek of your story and illustrations?


    1. Hmm I suppose I could, I didn't think anyone would be interested. When I have illustrations ready, I don't see why not. Thanks for being interested.

  2. So much fun! Are you planning on trying to get the childrens' story published? Is it a picture-book story or a novelish story?

    1. Its a picture bedtime story of sorts and yes, being published is in its destiny. At least I hope so ! I really, really hope so. I think a blog post about it in in my future. :) Un fortunately I cant send it out with out a name. another Achilles heel of mine.


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