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An Essay On Writing

The plot of a story is huge, on it hangs the entire body of a story, it forms a outline of the idea in our head and keeps it straight, from it comes the story that we wish to convey.  But i have heard that a lot of writers don't concern them selves with the how and the whys and the when. they just write. I would have to say that that is more my idea of writing, yes I have some idea about what the story will consist of but I don't like the idea of getting bogged down with all the facts in my head before I write them. also I don't like the idea of knowing all the facts of my characters, when I don't detail there lives in full I seem to understand them better. I have no idea if that makes a ounce of sense. Now every writers style differentiates, this I know full well. Often I wish my style was a bit different more like the novelist greats of old. But I am who I am and perhaps with more practise I shall learn and grow. I'm not completely sure if this is the conventional way of writing,  but I quite like idea of ones characters growing on there own, I like to get to know them as I type rather than knowing all about them. It maintains an element of surprise for me, that I hope will cross over into the finished work. I have found that I get bogged down with facts and worries about being "correct" rather than being brave enough to just write. I have created a story board, a detailed plot with an outline for each chapter, with the things I wanted to into the beginning middle and end. and oddly enough when this (should) help me remain uncluttered in my mind it just makes things worse.
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I sit at my desk pen in hand (yes I am still without my own writing computer, but if Jane Austen could do it than so can I) and the words just don't come, when I plan all the scenes in my head I have a hard time actually writing them, because I get worried about the rules.what comes first when do I include this or that, what would a reader say of this. All too many questions that cram my brain leaving no room for the story. Now this is different, when I have a clear scene come to me, and there nothing that's gonna get in the way of it coming out. Save that of my fear of breaking the rules, and not continuing the story in one linear line. so I store that scene in the back of my brain,
but often forget it, or it loses its allure. I remember reading somewhere that some writers would write the scenes or seeing pictures as   C S Lewis described it,  as they come and compile these works after the novel is completed.
Now I'm not sure how hard this is going to be, it seems a daunting odyssey to undergo, but if it make the words easier to come than what choice do I have. I suppose my point in writing this long most likely boring essay, it so say that rules are important, as is a plot and idea of the novel which you want to write. But if it gets too full of restriction,  a person is more likely to give up un despair rather than be chained to there plot with the thinking that it must be this way. At least I do. In short my point is leave some wiggle room so to speak, in your plot or story outline. and if you have a scene come to you that you just must write, even if that scene in miles down the road in your plot, don't fret to write it as it comes. I have to add that this is so freeing to me, I have learned that life inspires us in more ways than one, and trudging through a story in a linear line, wouldn't be difficult if you were locked away in a study for the remainder of that stories creation. But if you happen to live in the world, and not like a hermit. Than things, people, movies, songs all could inspire you to write a scene not yet in your plot, or farther on your complete list. Don' be afraid to creatively expand in more ways than just a straight line.
It has surely helped me.  
How do you dearest reader, write ? I would love to know your thoughts of the above.

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  1. I do tend to write more like you do... I don't structure excessively, though I find that I need to make myself more of a plot than I currently use because I tend to get bogged down come the half-way mark. :)


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