Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Words of my life

To have an idea about something and fall so short of it due to bad decisions and incompetence,
 is Ruinous.
To feel words in your head and ideas about things one might want to say, and then spend extended periods of time looking at a blank screen and jumbled keyboards,
 is Annoying
To have these thoughts comeback to me at some obscene hour of the night when I dare-not  turn a light on for fear of waking my poor sister who has the unfortunate fate of sharing a room with me,
is Unfortunate.
Solving any of these things Impossible.
Autumn here already,
I mean come on summer, I thought we talked about this, you were going to last just a little bit longer for me, Summer being over,
Having a typewriter for my room,
It being so loud its distracting,
Sometimes its just better to stay in bed.

Please forgive the messy appearance of this desk as its under construction.

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  1. Love the new look, Rachel! And yay--you got a typewriter. That is simply amazing and wonderful and so entirely cool!


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