Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Autumn's Pleasures

  How can it be that autumn is so fully here, and I forgot to post about it ? 
Its strange to think that this time last year we had a thick layer of snow covering the earth. 
And this year it is so different, oh true the leaves have changed, and how wonderfully indeed to see the autumn colour's, but autumn seems to be a bit tardy. Autumn, not the cold. 
Though we have had some deliciously blustery days, it seems the rain is more adamant than the sun. And so we have more rain than those cold but sunny autumn days, the kind that give you all sorts of feelings, like running through the woods for no reason at all. And wearing those long shut away boots and pullover cardigans. The crisp air stinging ones cheeks, and the crunch of dry leaves underfoot. Ah, I do love autumn. 

                                                                      Though I'm not complaining about rain, I do love rainy days. 
perfect for that forgotten cup of tea, and that book you haven't cracked a page to read in ages. 
I have been spending my autumn, trying to be as creative as possible, Drawing, something I haven't done in ages, sewing, knitting something I want to be better at, and making goodies to put on my families Etsy site. I promise a post about that soon. 
So where does writing get placed amid all that creativity ? unfortunately on the back burner, and screaming THERE'S NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY would be cliche´. Honestly I don't know how people are so creative with all the normal living to be done. But that's not what I started this post about, so I'll refrain from any further thoughts on this subject 
It seems August was in some kind of hurry, he wasn't very nice, and he wasn't very friendly. 
and October is shaping up to be quite the same as its predecessor. Oh well, I shall have to enjoy autumn in fast forward because soon enough it will be winter and that can seem to last forever. 
Cinnamon, apple cider, warm soups, lazy days spent under a large coverlet, pies, apples, apple pie, 
those distant waifs of some ember burning far away in the air, a harvest moon. 
These just skim the surface of why autumn is so enticing. 
I hope you are having a stupendous autumn,
 I would love to know what you love about autumn. 

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  1. What is there *not* to love about Autumn? That would be the question I'd give myself. As for what I do love about it...everything you mentioned and more. The Gypsy Wind, for one, and bluer-than-blue skies...sunflowers....goldenrod and sneezeweed in my little blue medicine bottle...sunsets...shorn fields. Ah yes.

  2. Thank you for dropping by my blog, Rachel, and for the really sweet you left on my guest-post. It put a smile to my face! I'm off on a blog break right now, but hopefully when I am back I can reply to your lovely comment.

    It looks like you've got a lovely blog around here... beautiful music, design and you love writing too! It is lovely to make your acquaintance!

    God bless you.
    In His unfailing love,


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