Friday, 23 November 2012

Announcing shop opening

   Okay well the title is a bit misleading, but I shall explain that in a moment.
   My family and I as you, may or may not know loves to create all sorts of things.
   So it seemed only logical that we should open an ETSY shop.
   Yes I know ETSY shops have been big for some time now. I also know that there is so many people
   doing it, that we wondered would anyone like what we have to offer.
   Any way all fears aside we decided it couldn't hurt. we really had nothing to lose, so away we went.
   Now to explain, we have been a official shop for at least three months now. So its not the official
   grand opening.  Why I haven't seen fit to post about it until now, shows a lack of something, I'm not sure what on my part.  All of that aside I would like to introduce to you my families new pet.                                  
      Bishops Artisan goods   Click the link to see.
     We are very proud of it so please be kind.
  I thought I would do a quick overview of what we have, and who makes what.
  My dear mother has a thing for fabric and so she is the head of the sewn goods department, she's
  always at the sewing machine with some new project. But that's not to say that my sisters and I don't
   make sewn goods too, we just are less proficient at making items of clothing.
Bohemian head bands my mother makes.     
 My sisters and I are all obsessed with crocheting and knitting, theres nary a moment on the weekend that we aren't working our fingers stiff, anyone who crochets knows what I'm talking about. My sister sarah is the best at knitting, and taught us girls. She's very smart and taught her self. And then got the rest of us hooked. Yes thats crocheting humor.
A scarf made by my sister hannah, oh thats my sister Sarah in the photo. 
My sister hannah, modeling a hat made by sarah, refer to above picture.  quite nicely. 
Me wearing a hat also made by sarah, I told you she's good. A pattern she created. 
My sister Hannah and I are quite excited about what we are doing with embroidery, I promise a peek
 post at some of the recent projects not yet on the site. From our youngest our mother taught all of us children, boys included to embroider. It passes the time nicely

I head the jewelry department, mainly because I have made most of what's in and not yet in the shop. What can I say I just love to make jewelry. And I'm known to make quite a mess whilst creating.
 Not that my sisters and even brothers don't make jewelry too, because they do.
My favorite queen of hearts earrings 

Infinity bracelets made by yours truly check out the listing because they come in different colors 
The brothers of mine will be making wooden things for our shop, There really good at what they do with there hands. I cant wait to display what they have in mind. But that will be when there home  improvement business permits them. Stay tuned on that one.
Christmas being a special holiday for my family means we are working like little elves to complete  projects with it in mind, I know Christmas is just around the corner, but... that wont stop us.
 I do hope you will give us a look, and check back because we are not in any way complete.
 Oh and until January we are doing a promotional sale 20% off all items.


  1. So awesome, Rachel! :) I love it. Everything there looks good quality! I love the hat, by the way. So cool. Can't wait to see the embroidery!

    1. Thanks Miss Rachel ! Its nice to know someone was interested. I wasn't sure.

  2. Congratulations on opening a shop, Rachel! Your items look very nice.



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