Saturday, 24 November 2012

Nostalgia memories, Embroidery preview.

The sky today is a soft grey, I hope I'm not just imagining the hint of pink as the sun recedes to the other side of the earth. There are tiny white snowflakes flying in no prefect way here and there. Not enough to accumulate but more that enough to admire. Winter has a sort of nostalgic quality, And I'm not sure why. The tree tops are lightly tickled by the suns last rays. I long to feel those rays wash over me.      
Its so cold here today. A cold day is perfect for embroidery. And tea, and a blanket and a telly. But instead of plant myself in front of said telly I thought I would share with all of you the recent projects that will soon be in the shop. If you remember I promised ? Well so not to have all of you think I'm some fabulist, That would be horrible. I decided to post some pictures of the unfinished product. 

Since childhood embroidery has been a favorite way to pass the time.The grandmas attic series didn't help in taming two little girls fancy that we were the best  seamstresses in the world. I'm remembering a certain chapter about a contest and an embroidery disaster. I loved those books.  Any way, our wise mother, instead of discourage our energetic and messy fingers gave us little simple projects to complete. We didn't know it but she was, in reality teaching us all that we now know. But to our unaware minds we were the fancy ladies in the Jane Austen movies. At the settee, large hoop sitting in front of them silken fabrics stretched therein. dainty fingers busy creating beautiful creations. Our silken fabrics were really a simple paper that our mother drew a picture on. We would then select a color thread and sew away. Now we don't use paper, but what we didn't know back then was we were refining a skill that, even if we don't use for ages it comes back so easily.  
The embroidery you see in the pictures will be available for purchase soon so if you like what you see let me know and I will message you when there in the shop. I hope your having a lovely weekend.   

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