Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Winter photography, and thankful heart

I opened my eyes on the morn to white flakes falling from the sky. My first reaction, as always is to admire the beauty.
Than my second is a desire to either capture that beauty in photographs, or to paint it into immortalized beauty. 
Unfortunately, the painting is out of the question, but I was able to snap a few photos. 

The creation our Heavenly father blessed us with never ceases to amaze me.
I am forever enthralled by he natural wonders that are there each and every season. 
If only we would open our busy eyes, and see them our days would be lighter, because out hearts would be thankful in a simple childlike way. 
I forgot to post a list of things I am thankful for. 
So I suppose theres nothing like the present, to do so. 
I am thankful for sweet family moments, the kind that seem hectic, and loud. 
For journals to scribble my tossed and sometimes turbulent 
Beauty that is unseen, unless one looks deeper than the outside
Snow I'm never going to be someone who dislikes snow
Writing time that seems to be opening more for me lately
The imagination that I am blessed with, it is a blessing even if sometimes it feels a curse
The word's of my Father 
My family of course, they make like un-boring 
Moments where he heart is just too full for words.
Theres so much more, but I will stop there. 
I hope your having a spectacular day dearest reader. 
Did you have snow today ? I would love to know. Also side note, are you a lover of snow or do you lament the white stuff. 


  1. Wow! You already have snow? Here in NC we don't get snow often. We've had more the last few years than in a while. One year we had it snow in Nov. and March! Which is practically unheard of - and it stayed on the ground nearly all winter (which is un heard of). I'm a real southern girl, I thought I was gonna freeze to death!

    1. Mariah, I grew up in oklahoma, so I get what your saying.
      When we moved to Ct it was like culture shock.

  2. Lovely photos, Rachel! I always enjoy seeing your photography.



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