Thursday, 29 November 2012

November Snippets First edition.

I have never, and thought I would never, do snippets of story.
But I am in the mood for adventure, and I thought, If I cant jump off a waterfall into the face of white foam below in Australia. I had to put that there. Or walk the roof tops in Belgium. If I can't stand n the edge of the white cliffs of Dover, and feel the wind whisper of far away places to me.
At least I can do snippets of writing.
The story is one I have spoken of before on this here little Blog of mine, ( I just developed a southern accent, don't ask why) If you wish to read more about it you can do so here  and here . I have been scribbling away fervently as of late, and its behaved like a good little child.
But that's only because it just a wee babe, and not a toddler with a mind of its own. Yes I'm thinking of a certain story now, with knights and chivalry, and epic battles, and dragons. Wow that sounds so stereotyped. Moving on.
So its sort of being an open book posting something my own hands wrote.
But I said adventurous didn't I ?  Squelching fear, calling it excitement.

Here Goes.

His features softened from frustration to kindness and she relaxed at seeing so.
As a person who knows a lot about being alone, I thought you might not want to be.
especially not now.

The clock seemed to tick like it had nowhere to be, 
Sophia turned from the desk where she reclined, and gave it a good long look. 
one that held a slight flavor of vehemence. 

She shivered and moved gracefully to the fireplace, where she leaned on the mantle as if she herself had no strength. If any were to see her she would have seemed a statue crafted by some artisans hands. 
Her skin so pail and white, not at all like in her youth. When there was scant a day her shoulders and blooming cheeks were not kissed by the sun. As it seemed were her dreams, blessed with a kiss by the same. 

The rain that feel was unrelenting. The sky had opened and dropped its contents without remorse. 

No here too he saw the symbolism of his life. and that picture did him no great justice he pulled his collar up around his chin and tried to do his very best to keep warm.

What people saw in his eyes, he wondered, it must be something awful. 
True most vagabonds that traverse the streets of london they called home were ruffians that meant no good. but Him ? 

The sweetness being lost, the memory turned sour and Jack couldn't stand it for another second. The face of Sophia white and ghostly evading him in an otherworldly manner more than he could stomach. 

Shaking off such a foreboding shadow she stepped across the threshold. 

I love how stories become something completely different than you would expect. 
They take a life all there own and grow like children, almost unnoticed. Until one steps away and looks. 
That wasn't so hard. 
Have a blessed day with creativity at every turn.

© 2012 Rachel Hope 
photo via pinterest 


  1. Oh You Always so poetic!!
    love it

  2. This is great!!! Can't wait to hear more about your WIP!
    And thank you for your sweet comment on my latest blog post that MADE my day! <3

    1. Oh your very welcome, and I am happy you like it and want to hear more !!


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