Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sudden contemplation's

I thought it would be fun to write random thoughts that seem to puff into my head and then disappear like a ghostly memory. Oftentimes never to be thought again. Perhaps this will give you an idea of my varied thought life. I know its strange.
  Remember I said random.

Its brilliant and maddening and pleasing that people who have lived a wee amount of years can be so brilliant and inspiring and smart.

What a wonderful thing Blogs are, where I have met so many like minded peoples, who love writing and reading and who brighten my day.

The backdrop of the bluest sky mingling with the seemingly sharp wintered trees, is calling to my creativity. Draw me ! there calls keep wafting here and there as they sway in the bitter wind.

My typewriter seems lonesome, not having companionship for at least three days. There's  a story floating around in my mind crowding up the spaces that do not need anymore inhabitant's at the moment. But refusing to be pushed back into the corners where there are vacancies they demand my attention and I cant help but love that about them.

I don't know when I started to refer to my novels as them but as you just read it happens.

Why does waiting have to seem so long, isn't the promise of something wonderful after that wait enough to carry one through ? Perhaps its because there's something whispering in the back of ones head that says after the wait and the desired thing acquired there is a lull in the exciting expectation.
Almost like its better to never get what yo are waiting for because having it be done with is just as sad as it never coming.

Staring into the embers of a fire, its to carry on the custom begun my our most early ancestors, from whom all society stems. To light a fire is to continue a primordial tradition, the ancients needed fire, the kings and knights needed fire, the wayward traveller lost and far from home needed fire.
 and we still do today. How interesting it is that with all our modern advancements we still carry on this ancient institution.

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