Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Coffee Dreams


 There seems to be no point in coffee, unless drunk hot. The flavors are more full rich and who doesn't like a steaming mug as opposed to a cup sweating with icy condensation. Well maybe unless in summer that's the exception. But in an eastern cold autumn, hot coffee in the only thing that makes sense, to cold hands and noses nipped by jack frost. To the insides its that something that can melt away the layers of ice and make warmth rapidly spread throughout the body. I don't know why I'm daydreaming about coffee but that's what the onset of winter will do to a girl. Now my mind is thinking about those coffee houses the ones with the wide mugs that steaming coffee is poured into and frothy milk placed just right to make some design that will marvel and amaze your frozen mind. The kind that with one sip you will want to personally hug whom ever was responsible for making such a cup of perfection. A place where I can find some corner to recede into oblivion where the only thing that matters is the returning warmth to the tips of my fingers. A place where I can remove that massive scarf that only moments ago I was blessing. And watch the snow flurries fall silently, without feeling a shiver down the back of my mind. Well I could that is if I'm no too lost in that beautiful cup.
© Rachel Hope 2012. 
I just posted this on my Tumblr page, As I said I don't know why I'm day dreaming about coffee but I am. Its a strange thing... I hope your having a lovely week !

 Pictures via The Victorian tea

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  1. While I don't drink coffee, your words have made me appreciate it!! I like a hot cup of tea in the winter, especially :)

    Blessings <3


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