Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas, HUMBUG !!!

Ah its strange how the days can get away from you, especially around this time of year.
Decorations strewn here and there, parties that last far past evening, family get togathers.
Its easy to get busy and not stop and enjoy the moment. If you are a follower of this blog even a teeny bit you will know I have made it my motto to enjoy the little moments of life.
But here we are December 17th and I have blog'ed little about the special season that is upon us.
I always make a very well to do list in my head, its just getting it out that is the problem.
I want before we get into the new year, and I blog again about how marvelously fast time passes.
To enjoy the Christmas season, its hard to do when there are many things to be done, but I again as always, want to reiterate the point that this holiday is about so much more than rushing through, as so many do.
I understand that the end of the year, and the holidays that come in this month, hold special festivities for most humans on the planet, and with this festivities come all sorts of nostalgic feelings and memories. But for some, I am sad to say this time of year holds heartbreak, and deep sadness. I do hope that those cases are few and far between, but what if they aren't ? Many have lost loved ones, and some are lonely, so lonely, some have no good memories at all and there are hurts too deep that resurface in this season. And so this time is marred with a dark shadow.
When there is suppose to be gladness and joy, this time of year also brings the "humbugs" as Charles Dickens so eloquently put it. And I think its a sad shame, one that seemingly can't be avoided.
For many they just want this time to be over, and done, they want the less meaningful holidays, its easier to be happy when there is less stress and less significance to make one look deep into there heart.
What should be the best time of year becomes, a depressed, black few weeks before the end of a crummy year and the start of another that probably wont amount to much either.
With those sorts of thoughts its no wonder the years come and go and there is no change, but thats not my point at the moment.
If someone you know or you yourself feel that the most precious time of year is a month to muddle through, and get over with My hope, and prayer is that the Prince of Peace will give you the oil of gladness, and will mend the broken hearts and the scars.
Thats why we celebrate you know, we celebrate the start of the greatest scarifies we shall ever see in this universe, or in any for that matter. We celebrate the Birth of the King of Kings, Gods only son.
His only Son the Son that He Loved, that willingly came, so you and I can be free of all life's troubles.
All we must do is trust Him.
I hope with all my heart that you dearest reader will be at peace this time of year, and through the next.
May the Peace of God which passes all understanding guard your hearts and minds, through Christ Jesus, our Lord.

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