Monday, 17 December 2012

The Timepiece That Was Elusive

"There's so many words to be said, so many to write. And scant time to fill the world with the beauty of the hearts thoughts and words that should be spoken but usually get left unsaid. The desire is there but the means get away, adding to the complicated strange and terrible beautiful world we live in"© Rachel Hope 2012

I posted this on a whim on my tumblr page, and I still feel its true.
I have been thinking as of late theres so little time to write everything I want to write, and that's a horrible and maddening thought. The stories that are in my head, sketched into a yellow spine pad, and on tiny papers that are scattered here and there in the room I share with my brother and sister might never get written. Now I'm not one to often think in a negative way, dramatic doesn't mean negative. But the thought, though overly dramatic and pessimistic is still sobering when I think about it. Imagine if at the end of your life, may that be a very long time, you had done all the things you wished, completed all the things you wished to complete.
Now imagine you hadn't. Thats a very different and sort of sad thought isn't it ?
And I think I find this a bit motivational to do everything I can do every day to complete my goals.
There the only way we can get things done, ya know. Because I don't want in about two hundred years to regret all the things I didn't do as apposed to the things I did.

There just, as I said above not enough time to do so much. So I shall make the best of every day. How do you dear reader feel.
Do you have goals and sometimes pressure yourself to complete them ?

All photos via  tumblr

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