Monday, 31 December 2012

The Passing of the Year

Old Year! upon the Stage of Time
     You stand to bow your last adieu;
A moment, and the prompter's chime
     Will ring the curtain down on you.
Your mien is sad, your step is slow;
     You falter as a Sage in pain;
Yet turn, Old Year, before you go,
     And face your audience again.

Excerpt from The passing of the year, by Robert W Service

Here we are again at the end of a year, it seems that it were only yesterday that I wrote a farewell to 2011 and 2012 was new and fresh and exciting.

I feel it needless to say that this year flew by at a rapid and unnecessary speed. But what can one do ?
The end of the year is strange, how it holds so many emotions, in the space of a crammed week or two.
Christmas and new years, and for me, my birthday smack in the middle of that.
Turning twenty doesn't feel any different than turning nineteen, or any age before that. One can be ten and be twenty inside, every one makes a big deal about birthdays, but my family has never been too overly happy when they come around. And I am quite happy about that.  Age is truly nothing, its the character and maturity that counts, and I hope I'm not too adult or too childlike but a happy mixture of both when the occasion calls for it. But enough about me.
What does the year of our Lord two thousand and thirteen hold ?
Is it just me or does anyone else feel that it sounds a bit science fiction ?
What it holds is any ones guess, for every human on the planet.  For me and my family it would be useless to try and guess. Mostly because I wouldn't what to under expect the immense possibilities, that are just waiting ahead, how embarrassing would it be to find myself facing something so great and above my wildest dreams and say,
Oh I'm sorry I just didn't expect you to be so Grand.
I hope that made sense, what I'm trying to say is I'm keeping my expectations open, and great expectations they are.
Why do I have such great expectations ? Well its only because I know Whose holding the story of my life and my families. Who wrote it with His blood, and planned it before the foundations of the world.
Sure I shall jot down a few things I want to accomplish in the up coming year, or if your reading this in Australia, in the new year. :)))
But I know with a confidant as-surety that though these things may not get accomplished in my own human weakness, if I commit these to my Lord He will give me the super to my natural, and I will be able to do all things through Him.
Also my ideas of grander are so tainted and tarnished compared to what he has is store, how can I not be excited ?
I hope this day finds you dear reader, happy with the past year, and excited about the new one ahead.
But if not, as such is the case for many, I pray that God will give you peace, and happiness.
He really does if you place your Hope, confidant expectation of good in Him.
And may the new year be filled with Good surprises all through to the next.
Farewell year, you have been good, and I hope your next of kin will be better and better.
I shall remember you fondly.

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  1. Happy New Year, Rachel! I pray you had a blessed Christmas/birthday/new year all wrapped into one =D. I know how you feel, seeing I turned 17 on Christmas Eve :). It is definitely a very busy and special time, the Christmas Season!

    I truly loved this post, dear... <3. God bless! Sending greetings
    from a young lady living in a sunny little corner of the Queen's land, in the country of Australia which I know you long to see one of these days... :D.

    1. Ahh! Your too sweet, that last bit made me smile. I guess us Christmas babies know what it's like. It's a sure whirlwind of emotions.
      I trust you and your family had a wonderful sunny Christmas and new year too !


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