Monday, 14 January 2013

Ramblings of today

Today was a slightly warm day, the kind that got me thinking about spring. The sun was high and warm, and the sky for a first time in a wile was cloudless and brilliant blue, the shade I have been missing. Though I love winter, and those nasty rainy days that forces one indoors and to rely upon the expanse of ones mindful intellect. I do so love thoughts of spring. Not that winter has been too harsh, rather its been quite mild in truth, but Today I couldn't help but get those tiny spring sensations that creep upon you like fairies wings. It's was most lovely.
Right now as the sun is setting, and at four thirty too, another reminder tis not truly spring, I can't but feel that my glimps of spring is gone with the sun to warmer places, and to other more fortunate folks who have it before I do. Who knows what tomorrow will bring but it surely won't be giving me any spoilers.
Life has been busy and a flury of books as I have finally got to a library, I love reading and won't say anything more about it. Save that my new book list for the year has gotten of to a nice start, hopefully I shall read more than last year.
Speaking of new years, has anyone else still to get used to writing 2013 ? Please tell me I'm not the only one.
It seems that when I read I am more inspried to write, and that's the best feeling of all, when two  passions I love seem to be hand in hand helping me along. Perhaps I shall indulge your wild curiosity dear readers and give you more snippets ? Or perhaps not, it's a strange feeling to write the new words to one of my novels for all to see, I'll get over that feeling and probably post some snippets anyway. If of course there really is a curiosity to what I'm writing, do leave me a Comment and say so if you are, if your not I really won't mind. Those words are my babies anyway. It doesn't matter if anyone else reads them but me. Oh dear I'm rambling again, do excuse. It's been too long since I have posted, here on this little piece of Internet o mine.

Tell me dear reader, what have you been doing with your selfs lately ? Any good reads ? Or visits from spring ?

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  1. I would be most interested to learn what you are writing. I always enjoy hearing of other stories. (Also, I'd love to know if you happen upon any good books. I have trouble finding good ones sometimes so read blogs to learn of any.)

    Spring is a long way off here, we've still months of cold to come but I don't mind. My room is rather sung when I close the door and wrap up in a blanket and it is easier for me to write when the birds aren't luring me outside to sit under leafy trees and listen to them sing.

    Merlin is a rare show, an actual family friendly one. I hadn't thought such shows were made anymore and am so pleased with it. I shall be very sad when I get to the last one.

    My friend watches Midnight for the same reason. There is just something comical about watching Merlin, so shy and clueless acting, wearing black nail polish and sneering at his parents. So very unlike him!

    Aye! I've an airship already. I shall be by for you soon and we'll hurry to England for some tea.

    1. Miss jack that airship sounds fantastic, I shall be waiting.
      spring was only here for one day and then it was winter again, its snowed since I wrote this post, like 6 inches. there goes my dreams of early spring.....
      I shall be leaving you a comment about books, you have asked me so what happens next is not of my own doing :)))

    2. Right now it is too cold to snow here and I rather miss it. I like the cold...but it isn't as fun when I cannot go out and build snowmen.

      Aye. Writers worry a great deal about what they are doing and if it is the right thing and it does become unhealthy. We question ourselves too much until we aren't sure what we are doing. (I guess that is why I like blogging so much. It is a good chance to meet others who understand and can help.)
      As for being oneself, I think that is the most wonderful thing anyone can do.

      I have heard a lot about Forbidden. I might have to see if I can find it. I've heard it is very good.
      I read King Solomon's Mines once and loved it. Though I've a soft spot for adventure books.
      I wll have to look up Andrew Lang. I am always on the hunt for good kid's books. (And Howl's Moving Castle is such a wonderful book! I plan to read that one again just so I can visit Howl and Sophie. It is sooo much fun!)


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