Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A general partaking of a happy birthday, and a Tag.

Having meant to post this ages ago I finely dragged myself to it. The it being miss Joy's tag in celebration to her second year of blogging. I love the questions she asked, there just so unique that I couldn't help but partake. She's celebrating over at her beautiful blog, and I highly suggest you either find time or make it to pour over her lovely and thoughtful posts. I now feel the need to say that she is a very talented writer and if you love that sort of thing I.E. Adventure, and thoughtful and heartfelt sort of books. Than I think you would be blessed to follow her blog, Here 
The tag is open to anyone who wants to answer any or all. If you do I would love to read your answers, just leave me a comment. 

1. Pretending if need be that you never read any of those titles, (unless you actually haven’t), which book-title intrigues you the most that it would make you abandon all the others and read THAT one book...?Roverandom, The Keys of the Kingdom, That Hideous Strength, The Conflict of Religions in the Early Roman Empire, With Christ in the School of Prayer, Kidnapped, The Ballad of the White Horse, The Robe, The Man Who Was Thursday, or Surprised by Joy...?
ok well pretending I have never read any of these, which a few out of the group I have had the good fortune to beguile my time with. I would say Roverandom, The ballad of the white horse, and The man who was thursday.

2. How do you reconcile yourself with an offended cat? (Tell a clueless girl, here!)
well in my experience one must be genteel, use only soothing words in a voice thats an octave above reason. let the ofended one come to you, let it sniff your hand, animals do that, and stroke it from the back of the head, dont go at it from the front. Cats feel that you are coming on to there personal space. And there none the wiser when you with a slight of hand trick begin to rub there ears, there basically catatonic at that point. In the event that you have a fiendish devil that is faster than lightning and, catches you then at that point one mist come bearing gifts. Fish or chicken flavored gifts. 

3. Can you describe to us in a seven-word sentence your current surroundings using the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch? Otherwise you can name in order the thirteen dwarf characters in The Hobbit without looking the info up online. ‘Tis your choice, you know!
Well the hobbit naming just isn't possible, wipe that look of horror off your face please, I'm not that good with names. um a seven word sentence,
 Coffee in a blue cup, messy desk, bedroom serene. that really wasn't very good, my apologies. 

4. Tea or Coffee? Or lemonade?
All the above mentioned, at different times and for different occasions. Coffee morning, tea afternoon or after dinner. And lemonade of a hot summers day. (with a sprig of fresh mint) or as dessert. 

5. Do you think your writing voice and style on your blog (or novel) is so very different from your normal, day-to-day voice and personality? Or is almost identical?

This is so good, I try and keep it real here, on my blog, it took me some time to realize that the way I write is in many ways the way I talk, but sometimes a bit more eloquent. And with out so many ums and you knows. Im trying to cut those out of my vocabulary. But style wise its pretty much the same. 
for my novels they differ due to the time period and how I feel the story should be written, though there are strains of my voice through out. So I took the long way around to say yes, I think its nearly identical. 

6. Puddleglum or Mr. Tumnus?
Oh my goodness, someone finally asked me the question I have been waiting for my whole life ! 
Puddleglum, Theres just something I liked about him, with his pessimistic view on everything, he added a sort of charm to the silver chair and a bit or humor that wouldn't otherwise be there. 
he was a damper on everything but had a strength that when it came to it aided the children in there mission, with hidden wisdom that comes from just looking at things the way they are. and we find that in spite of himself hes a secret dreamer. What I lokes was the evolution of him from gloomy marsh wiggle to out witting giants and defeating witches with strength he didn't know he had in the underlands. That speaks to me saying everyone no matter what they look like outside has gems under the surface just waiting to be discovered. But I cant leave Mr Tumnus out of this either because I loved his character just as much, and if were talking about hidden strength then I must mentioned him too. 
Hes the dreamer that will submit, we see that if he wasn't he wouldn't have been a spy for the witch. But he also has this strength and courage that gives lucy a chance to flee placing himself at the wrath of the white witch in her stead. I love that kind of moral character and strength in someone. he saw her innocence and just was too good hearted to let her be hurt, knowing fill well that firstly lucy might hate him for tricking her and tells the truth anyway, and secondly the wrath of the witch would cost him his life. whats not to like about these two different characters. Who can teach us so much in there own ways. 

7. Which of the seasons, spring, summer, autumn, or winter, appeals to you most in a literary sense and inspires you to write?
All of them, but in different ways. winter i want piles of delicious words from stories I didn't write, But also gives me a nostalgic air that I must write to get in order to get out. everything floods with cozy thoughts and memories. That creatively helps a lot, flooding the mind with all sorts of ideas stemmed from memories. Spring is so inspiring nature especially. Misty mornings and budding trees, theres nothing like new life to get the creative juices flowing. I probably have more novel inspiration in spring than any other season. Everything aligns to be perfect in a fleeting way, and I feel an urgency to capture that. summer is one of those months of experience where I watch people, in silent observation. due in  part to more stuff happens in summer than any other time. I look around me and notice society. Where I wonder about time and the speed at wich everything seems to happen. Early mornings with the sunrise and silent reveries, and a graceful growth of nature that matures before my wondering eyes. Also, nature has a way of inspiring me with writing, when I'm pulling weeds or planting and tending the garden I usually have a head full of plots, knightly sword fights, daring damsels, and strange happenings. the best time to plot is when your knee deep in soil and fresh earth, with gentil summer flower scents excite the senses. Its all a very natural process. And autumn in its colored splendor gives me a mood that I havent found a word for yet. A daring sort of mood that drives me to daring and majestic things with my characters and plots. Autumn is mysterious, shrouded in misty grey, wet mornings and chilly evenings. Its cider and jacketed walks which if you havent figured it out yet, is one of my favorite ways to be inspired. I don't know, theres something about musky woods and smokey wind pared with the rush of gees calls that just ignite a warm glow of creativity within me. 
Each season my mood changes and each time its different. cozy and sad and thinking about the past, new and fresh with resolve and romantic inclinations, mature and bright and natural, or deep and mysterious. I couldn't choose one season I love them all creatively speaking. 

8. Cast your mind back to childhood, what was your favourite Old Testament Bible character as a child? What was your most dearly loved Bible Account? Why?
Hmm, this is a hard one for me, I had a illustrated children's bible that I read all the time. It looked like a real one and it made me feel like a grownup. but every story in there awed me. I loved the story of daniel and the three jewish boys, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, as characters they are quite strong and wont relent, I appreciate that in people. Lets see favorite account, um, the stories of Jesus really were my favorite. And I cant pick just one.

9. What are some of the films/books or songs that make you tear-up or cry the most (be it because it is so beautiful, or really sad or tragic, etc), tell us why they do that; do you actually like to cry in a movie/book? 
Um I normally cry in the film area when theres something really touching. usually relating to families. Families are a subject close to my heart, like reunions after years or just touching moments. Its hard to define what makes the heart go all soft. but thats one of them, also tragic moments especially if I'm attached to the character, this goes for the reading department as well. Stories of sacrifice especially get me. I do think its ok to cry at something like a book or film. It shows that one, your heart is soft, and two, that the thing film or book has captured my attention and heart and I feel connected to that in some way. Example I totally cried when beth in little women died, book and film it doesn't matter which fim either. Its just too touching the conversation she has with jo. Ugh I'm  sniffling already. 

10. Do you have any special literary goals or dreams that you wish you could accomplish as a writer during your lifetime (besides publishing, that is!)?
wow this question, right now I would say that to inspire people to look at the world in a more romantic way would be it. I want to creatively inspire and encourage. I want to create the kinds of stories that are timeless, that long after my life people are getting something from them. I want someone to read my stories the way i read Dickens or Austen, I'm not saying I have reached there writerly merits or will ever. What I do dream of is some day, someone in a library finds a worn volume of some story I wrote long ago and glows with excitement at having found the book. I think that would be very fulling.

11. If you are a writer, which one of your characters’ internal makeup most echoes a likeness or similitude to you? If you have none of your own – what other fictional character (book/film) does? Explain your answer. 
Well as a writer I could say all of them has some residue of the creator in them. But Especially My courant character sophia, I suppose she's more like me then I would like to admit. 
My brains going explain ! explain ! (Sorry for that doctor who reference) I'm a dreamer and I put that into my character because well it had bearing on the plot. she's adventurous but in that home loving way. Like dreaming of seeing the world but dearly loves home. make sense ? um, she has a inner strength thats silent and the flip to that is a weakness for being painfully honest and a lot sarcastic. oftentimes causing problems for herself. She doesn't like to get involved and loves being alone, hating large crowds. feeling more herself in solitude. Thats a lot like me. 

12. Excuse me for another Tolkien reference, but I couldn't help it, alas! Which of the five Middle-earth hobbits do you identify with the most: Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, Merry, or Pippen? 
Hmm, I dont really know. 

13. What special topic do you relish talking/writing about the most? Like – like a tap that can instantly be turned on... please, do tell!
Peoples daydreams and reveries, which usually are caused by emotions. I really sove to write emotions. Its weird but I get this deeper understanding of the character and i think that the reader does as well. I am a bit psychological by nature, so I'm always asking peoples motivs and there emotional state. Usually when I get warmed up for writing the first thing that comes out is a thought or idea of emotional musing, and everything that goes with that.

14. Make your choice, adventurous Stranger; Strike the bell and bide the danger, Or wonder, till it drives you mad, What would have followed if you had.  – The Bell and the Hammer, C.S. Lewis ...thus said the inscription next to the bell in that mysterious place in which Polly and Digory came upon, in The Magician’s Nephew. If you had been in their place, would you have taken the adventure of ringing the golden bell as Digory did (not knowing that the White Witch would be awakened) or would you have acted sensibly like Polly but risked being driven mad by the thought of ‘what if’ when you were back home in England?
Unfortunately I would have rung the bell. I would have hesitated at first but I would have figured that I could get out of something if I had to. Who wouldn't have found something strange and mysterious and not poked it with a stick. Or what ever one dings bells with respectively. 

15. What is that which makes you keep blogging and writing in general in the times when your blog/and or you yourself are at a low ebb? Do you like taking breaks from blogging or miss your followers too much? 
I usually break, just because I dont really like to complain too much on here. In the hopes that I can maybe be an inspiration or something to someone else. Like so many have been for me. But i do like to keep it real and so if I feel that to be truthful and write what I'm feeling, (Theres no shame in that its human) will give me some clarity or maybe help someone who's going through what I am. Its a fine lined balance of too much or too little.  
But that said, I do miss the reads of unknown friends so I read and do comment. 


  1. I love the Puddleglum question. He wins for me as well. I like Mr. Tumins a lot, but Puddleglum has always had a special place in my heart. He was so nagitive, but in a delightful kind of way. "We'll all end up knifing each other before we get there." But in the end, he was the one who remembered Aslain and refused to listen to the Lady of the Green Kertel. *Sorry about my spelling, I've been way off this evening with it.*
    He has always just been so wonderful, he is my favourite to Caspian of course.

  2. So very belated with commenting on this, Rachel Hope - but thank you for joining up in the tag - it put a huge smile on my face. I loved, loved reading your responses to the different questions, they are all so well-thought out and spot-on. I love Puddleglum too best - though Mr. Tumnus is pretty special. But no one can beat Puddleglum in his faith in Narnia and Aslan :D

    Thank you for your sweet words in regard to my blog and writing - I've never thought my books to be the 'Adventure, and thoughtful and heartfelt sort of books' but I am glad, because those sort of books are my favourite to read, and I hope I can one day write like that!

    God bless!


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